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Which is Cheaper
Cancun or Jamaica?

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parasailling_in_montego_bay.jpgWhich is cheaper Cancun or Jamaica | Parasailing in Montego Bay

by Sheree-Anita Shearer | Associate Writer

Cancun vs Jamaica, either way, you are in for an epic tropical vacation. Your decision between the two will depend on your budget and the adventures you would love to have.

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Both locations are crawling with visitors even this very minute but the kind of vacationers you will see in each varies.

Cancun is made famous for its legendary spring break activities for college students. It is perfect for a city vacation filled with liaisons by the pool and alcohol-induced foam parties or nightclub entertainment by night.

Jamaica is famous for its emphasis on food, culture and music as well as its stunning landscape that changes every so often from stunning coastline beaches to rugged mountains with secret waterfalls.

Cancun vs Jamaica: Budget

The flights to Cancun are cheaper than they are to Jamaica, however, the prices for all-inclusive resorts are round about the same price. It depends on the resort you choose in Jamaica, as it can get quite expensive here.

Cancun vs Jamaica: Weather

jamaicas_weather_climate_march_bogue_hill_viewWeather in Jamaica in March

Jamaica and Cancun have similar weather year-round. The hurricane seasons in both countries run from June 30 to November 1 every year.

Cancun vs Jamaica: Nightlife

Now, Jamaica does have an impressive night scene, especially in the cities. But it is a contrast to the nightlife in Cancun.

The parties can last well into the morning but the atmosphere is diverse. You can be anywhere from a hardcore Dancehall party to a slower-paced but still energetic Reggae dance or a smooth Jazz club.
If you are looking for exhilarating foam parties and days of non-stop partying then you will find that in Cancun.

Nightlife is guaranteed, whether that’s grabbing drinks at a sleek bar or whirling across the dance floor. Let’s not forget the nighttime pool parties either!

Cancun vs Jamaica: Beaches

seven_mile_beach_negril_tripadvisorSeven Mile Beach Negril

Beaches in Jamaica are better and provide a wider variety of activities than those in Cancun. Jamaica has everything from white to black sand beaches that are perfect for snorkelling, scuba diving, parasailing and even surfing.

They also come in different degrees of privacy as well. If you would rather stay in a secluded spot, then a private cove would be better. But, if you would love to experience what a day at the beach in Jamaica looks like, then a public beach with just as many tourists as locals would provide that opportunity.

Jamaica is also an island, while Cancun lies on one end of the Caribbean Sea. This means the opportunities to visit the beach are far more significant in Jamaica than in Cancun. You will also be able to find natural, untouched beaches in Jamaica, if you are into nature then you may prefer this over the developed beaches in Cancun.

Cancun vs Jamaica: Family Vacations

grand_palladium_hotel_2021_jamaican_family_gayleFamily Vacation In Jamaica | The Gayle's At Grand Palladium

Jamaica is better suited for family vacations than Cancun is. Cancun is more of a party location than anything else. From the resort locations to attractions you will be able to find accommodations and activities suited for a family vacation.

The laid-back atmosphere of most resort locations makes it perfect for slow days and strolls with the children in the afternoon.

Cancun vs Jamaica: Couples Trips

romantic_horseback_riding_in_jamaica_dan_and_samanthaHorseback Riding On the Beach

Jamaica will be better suited for couples' than Cancun is. Jamaica has many honeymoon resort locations and attractions that can enhance a couple’s experience whether they have been together for two months or twenty years. All-inclusive resorts often have packages that are specific to couples.

During spring and summer months especially, Cancun is mainly visited by young tourists who are making the most of their holiday, the activities will be more catered to them.

Cancun vs Jamaica: Accommodation

Jamaica has the better variety when it comes to accommodation. Not only are there resorts of various types and at different price points, but there are also accommodations such as villas, and Airbnbs that are just as accessible. Jamaica also has more accommodations with direct access to the beach than Cancun has.

Cancun vs Jamaica: Excursions

Jamaica has more to offer when it comes to excursions than Cancun does. Water-based activities such as going to the beach and rafting are extremely popular. However, Jamaica has much more to offer than just the beach. These excursions are easily arranged, and most all-inclusive resorts have a help desk that can assist you in some way.

Here are 60 of our favourite excursions in Jamaica.

Jamaica is also heavy on cultural and historical activities as well. So whether your ideal vacation includes walking around a museum or ziplining over a waterfall, Jamaica can deliver.

Cancun has a more urban feel with most of its activities centred in the Hotel Zone. While Jamaica does provide some of this in the cities, there is always an underlying interpersonal approach.

To explore the majestic Yucatan, you will have to leave Cancun for that.

Cancun vs Jamaica: Food

jamaican_jerk_chicken_meal.jpgJamaican Dishes | Taste Of Jamaica Tours

Jamaica and Mexico are well-documented for having two very impressive cuisines. Comparing the two would be a disservice to them both as they provide delicious meals of different styles and influences.

Both locations have multiple great restaurants that serve everything from authentic local dishes to fusion and international fare.

If you would love to experience local Mexican food, though, other parts of Mexico will provide a better introduction to their cuisine. In Jamaica, however, every town or city has areas that can provide authentic Jamaican dishes.

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Which is cheaper Cancun or Jamaica | Written: November 26, 2022

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