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Attractions In Jamaica
The Top 60 Island Excursions

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Attractions In Jamaica | Bobsled @ Mystic MountainAttractions In Jamaica | Bobsled @ Mystic Mountain

by Venesha Johnson | Associate Writer

One of the main reasons so many tourists flock to Jamaica each year, is to experience the island's many attractions. Well, if you are planning a visit any time soon, here are 60, yes 60! Attractions in Jamaica that should be on everyone’s bucket list.

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  1. Seven Mile Beach - Seven Jamaica's most well-liked beach in Negril's Seven Mile Beach. It has miles of white sand that are only broken up by a turquoise sea. The magnificent blue sea and white sand of Seven Mile Beach are undoubtedly a must-see in Jamaica, although it is congested, overrun with merchants, and spoiled with businesses, hotels, and clubs.

  2. Royal Palm Reserve - The 114 plant species and 300 animal species that live in the 300-acre Royal Palm Reserve include the Morass Royal Palms, which are only found in western Jamaica. For a fantastic perspective of the Silver Spring Mountains, visitors can climb the 40-foot observation tower or stroll along the mile-long boardwalk through the forest.

  3. Booby Clay - Given that it is so close to Negril and bears the booby bird's name, this tiny island makes for a perfect escape. Snorkelling, tanning, and picnics are the top activities on the island.

  4. Rick’s Café - In Negril, the cliff-hanging café is a well-liked location to observe daring individuals leap off the 35-foot ledge into the crystal-clear waters below. Visit as the sun is setting for a very special experience.

  5. Mayfield Falls - Nine natural Jacuzzis and a network of 21 sparsely spaced cascades make up this secret waterfall. With a height of about three meters, the "Washing Machine" is the tallest of these falls.

  6. Croydon Plantation - In Montego Bay's Catadupa Mountains foothills, Croydon Plantation is a working farm. While savouring an array of pineapples, citrus fruits, and other exotic fruits, guests may take in the breathtaking panorama of the nearby countryside.

  7. Harmony Beach Park - Picturesque beach park, perfect for a fun beach day or picnics on the lawn under big shady trees.

  8. Rose Hall Great House - The well-known Jamaican Great House gives guests the chance to tour the historic plantation and take in the stunning interior while doing so. Do the night bewitched tour, which centres on the myth of Annie Palmer, the "white witch," who killed her three husbands, if you're looking for a unique encounter.

  9. Doctors Cave Beach - Is one of the best beaches in Montego Bay, and also a great area for snorkelling.

  10. Indigenous Rastafarian Village - Visitors are taken on a guided tour of the village, which includes the village kitchen, where they can learn about Ital cuisine and various vegetables, as well as the herb library, where they may discover the therapeutic properties of plants.

  11. Dunn’s River Falls - one of The most visited attraction in Jamaica is without a doubt Dunn's River. Visitors have the chance to climb the stunning waterfall that plunges right into the Caribbean Sea.

  12. White River - one of the most polar spots for river-tubing.

  13. Turtle River Falls and Gardens - In addition to 14 natural waterfalls, this 15-acre tropical garden paradise in Ocho Rios is home to a broad range of flora, a lily and Koi pond, and an aviary with exotic and tropical birds, including some of the 27 species native to Jamaica.

  14. Coyaba Gardens - Take a stroll around the botanical gardens, climb the less popular, lesser Mahoe Falls for a stunning perspective of Ocho Rios and the Caribbean Sea, or visit the Arawak Museum to see some Taino relics.

  15. Green Grotto Caves - Explore an underground lake, and witness spectacular stalactites and stalagmites, bats, and other exquisite dripstone formations as you go through the 12-meter-deep limestone caverns. 

  16. Fern Gully - Ride down the three-mile stretch of road that is shrouded by towering ferns, creating a gorgeous green tunnel. No concerns if you don't have a car—just locate a route taxi prepared to drive you there. No tour is necessary.

  17. Bob Marley Museum - Are you a fan of Bob Marley? Visit the reggae legend's birthplace and final resting place. You may find out more about his family and upbringing in the tiny community of Nine Miles. Bob Marley's family is in charge of the modest museum.

  18. Harmony Hall - One of Jamaica's most well-known and well-recognized art and craft galleries is Harmony Hall. Here, art enthusiasts can view works of art made by some of Jamaica's best artists, including paintings, sculptures, and ceramics.

  19. Appleton Estate Rum Tour - Explore the production process of Appleton Estate Rum, the most well-known rum in Jamaica. Of course, there are also plenty of rums, raw sugar cane, and rum creams for you to try.

  20. YS Falls - Visitors can enjoy river tubing, a wading pool filled by underground springs, canopy rides, breathtaking views, and a stunning seven-tiered cascading waterfall at the YS Estate.

  21. Middle Quarters - This small community just outside of Black River is well-known across Jamaica for selling "Pepper Shrimp," one of the best treats on the island.

  22. Treasure Beach - is the name of a quaint, undeveloped fishing community in the south of Jamaica. Frenchman's Bay, Calabash Bay, Billy's Bay, and Great Pedro Bay are the village's four beaches. These black sand beaches in Jamaica, in contrast to the well-known beaches there, are essentially abandoned and are a great location to unwind.

  23. Lover’s Leap - Lovers' Leap, a stunning spot east of Treasure Beach, is a 1700-foot cliff with views of the stunning Caribbean Sea. According to legend, two captive lovers who were trying to stay together died by jumping to their deaths together.

  24. Holland Bamboo - Drive the 2.5 miles of Bamboo Avenue, a shaded tunnel formed by a roadside lane lined with enormous bamboo plants. The St. Elizabeth neighbourhood in Holland is home to Bamboo Avenue.

  25. Pelican Bar - Pelican Bar, a rustic wooden bar constructed in the middle of the sea, is situated half a mile offshore from Treasure Beach. One of Jamaica's most distinctive bars is this one.

  26. Black River - On Jamaica's south coast, go on a boat safari through the country's largest freshwater marsh. The swamp, which is 33 miles long, is an excellent area to see a variety of bird species, learn about different vegetation, such as mangroves, and, of course, watch crocodiles.

  27. Emancipation Park - As an alternative to the extremely busy and congested Kingston, Emancipation Park offers a wonderfully tranquil, soothing, and green retreat. Admire the stunning sculpture that represents Jamaica's independence from slavery and stands 11 feet tall at the park's entrance.

  28. The Blue Mountains & John Crow Mountains National Park - The Blue Mountains in Jamaica are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and an untouched nature lover's paradise with breathtaking mountain views, hiking paths, waterfalls, and unusual plants and animals.

    More than 200 bird species live in this 200,000-acre tropical rainforest, which is also the source of 800 indigenous plant species and the world-famous Blue Mountain coffee.

  29. Devon House - The house is a museum that is available for both special events like weddings and public visits. Several shops, including the well-known Devon I Scream shop, are housed in the other structures on the property.

  30. Hellshire Beach (Fisherman’s Beach) - Hellshire Beach, also known as Fisherman's Beach, is a well-liked weekend retreat for Kingston residents to unwind and dine at some of the best seafood restaurants in Jamaica.

  31. Liberty Hall - This multimedia museum offers information about and appreciation for the writings of Marcus Garvey, the father of Pan-Africanism and Jamaica's national hero.

  32. Hope Gardens - With 200 acres of land, Hope Gardens is Kingston's largest public green space. A collection of indigenous and exotic plant collections, a woodland garden, an ornamental pond, a cactus garden, an orchid house, and much more can be found in this peaceful sanctuary.

  33. Luminous Lagoon - You've likely already swum in turquoise blue water, but have you ever experienced swimming in glowing water? Now is your opportunity, though! The millions of dinoflagellates (microorganisms) that shine and brighten the lagoon water enable this natural phenomenon.

  34. Martha Brae River - Visit Falmouth, Trelawny to enjoy a stunning bamboo rafting adventure along the storied Martha Brae River amid a verdant jungle.

  35. Greenwood Great House - One of Jamaica's most well-preserved historic homes is a 200-year-old residence that was once occupied by the celebrated English poet George Greenwood. visit the residence that withstood the 1831 slave uprising undamaged.

  36. Cockpit Country - Features the greatest diversity of plants and animals on the island, with hundreds of rivers, streams, and caverns.

  37. Blue Lagoon - Visit Portland and take a dip in the 200-foot-deep natural green lagoon, which offers guests a singular swimming experience with constant temperature variations because of the mix of warm Caribbean water and cold water from the underground streams. This lagoon's hue changes throughout the day.

  38. Village of St. George - The Village of St. George in Port Antonio is thought to be Jamaica's most distinctive shopping centre. built as a homage to European design.

  39. Rio Grande - The raft was previously used by people to transport bananas from the plantations to Port Antonio's seaport. Today, one can enjoy a leisurely 2 to 3-hour float down the river with pauses along the way for food or a dip in the water.

  40. San San Beach - This is a half-mile private beach located close to Frenchman's Cove. Due to the reefs off the coast, it's one of the best places to go snorkelling.

  41. Reach Falls - Swim in the sparkling turquoise pool created by the Driver's River's 22-foot cascade, explore the cave beneath the water, or hike upstream.

  42. Frenchman Cove Beach - Portland is home to this exclusive, secluded beach, which is frequently referred to as paradise. The beach is sandwiched between two enormous vegetated granite cliffs, and visitors can choose between swimming in the saltwater Caribbean Sea or the freshwater river that flows into the sea.

  43. Winifred Beach - One of Jamaica's most genuine local beaches is a great place to spend the day lounging on the beach and socializing with locals.

  44. Navy Island - Formerly owned by renowned actor Errol Flynn, Navy Island is now a pristine island densely covered in flora and is situated less than half a mile from Errol Flynn Marina. There are a few hiking paths, ancient hotel’s remains, and abandoned beaches in this area.

  45. Boston Bay - A visit to the jerk capital of the world is a must on every vacation to Jamaica! For true jerk chicken, jerk pig, jerk seafood, and much more visit Boston Bay. After gorging your face on jerk pork, go swimming or surfing at Boston Beach.

  46. Moore Town & Nanny Falls - Visitors who decide to embark on this daring journey to the autonomous hamlet can meet the colonel and village chief, hear more about the maroons, visit Queen Nanny's grave, Jamaica's only female national hero, and hike to the surrounding waterfall.

  47. Morant Point Lighthouse - The oldest lighthouse in Jamaica and the first cast iron lighthouse constructed in the western hemisphere is Morant Point Lighthouse, which is situated on the island's easternmost tip. You may obtain a stunning perspective of Jamaica's eastern coastline and the Blue Mountains by climbing the 100-foot-tall lighthouse.

  48. Cornwall Barracks - You may explore caves, go hiking, swim in the river, cross a swing bridge, and much more at this off-the-beaten-path site.

  49. Monkey Island and Folly Ruins - Off the shore of Port Antonio, there lies a small, vegetated island called Monkey Island. There, you can take advantage of the shady beach, go snorkelling in the shallow seas, stroll along a few short paths then explore folly ruins.

  50. Errol Flynn Marina - Wander through the exquisite, top-notch marina that is situated in Port Antonio's downtown. Several stores, including a Devon I Scream store, a diving school, a bar, and a beach can be found in the marina.

  51. Colbeck Castle - the largest structure of its kind in Jamaica, was allegedly constructed in 1655 as a fort to protect the English against incursions from the Spanish.

  52. Dolphin Cove - is a five-acre marine park where guests may ride camels, watch shark shows, swim with dolphins, snorkel with stingrays, and observe iguanas, snakes, and tropical birds.

  53. Drax Hall Waterwheel - The waterwheel that powered the sugar mill rollers during the production of sugar is now in ruins on an estate built in 1669.

  54. Edinburgh Castle - Lewis Hutchinson, a Scottish immigrant to the island who was Jamaica's first known serial killer, lived at Edinburgh Castle, an estate and wrecked great house in St. Ann, a National Heritage Site now.

  55. Fire-Water Pond - Due to a high concentration of sulfur in the water, the Fire Water Pond at Windsor Mineral Spring can actually start fires.
  56. Firefly- Playwright Noel Coward's final resting place is at Firefly, which also features displays on Coward's life and the history of the pirate Henry Morgan.

  57. Goat Islands - A modern wildlife sanctuary for rare and threatened species, including the Jamaican Iguana, is situated in the Portland Bight Protected Area (PBPA).

  58. Konoko Falls Park - The floral garden, waterfall, and zoo include a tour that teaches visitors about the island's original inhabitants, the Taino tribe.

  59. Kool Runnings Adventure Park - The best adventure park in Jamaica, features a variety of activities for the whole family in both its adventure and water park sections.

  60. Mystic Mountain - is an environmentally friendly destination that offers a variety of adventure experiences, such as ziplining, sky explorer, and bobsledding.

Whew! That’s alot, and you wanna know something else? There are many more! Check out the nicest places to visit in Jamaica right here.

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