How To Find
Cheap Car Hire in Jamaica

Tips on cheap car hire in Jamaica

With the other options considered, you've decided to hire a car to explore Jamaica - Good for you! I'll give you some ideas.


After all, many of our visitors choose to hire (rent) a car as this option provides complete flexibility and convenience. Yes, outside of having a dedicated driver or local guide, it is perhaps the most efficient & economical way of getting around here.

The BIG question now is how to find the cheap one!

My immediate response to you would be - quite honestly & frankly, go for value first!

Like everywhere else in the world, 'cheap' comes with a price. Many times we lose out on a benefit in the quest find a cheap car.

Thanks to the market economy, while you'll find a few with unusually lower prices, the majority of the dealers don't differ much.

Yes, you'll find that there are some better deals but those are usually outside the city areas - probably not worth the hassle for a visitor.

The REAL COST SAVINGS comes from the value you get after a little due diligence!

The following are general tips to get the best and possibly, yes, a relatively cheap car hire in Jamaica.

  • Look Ahead

    This will ensure you know the best places to go as well as avoiding the unavoidable last minute price rises.

    So, if you are booking your vacation away start thinking about what kind of car and services you will need right away.

  • Figure the size car you NEED (not WANT).

    Unless you have a large family or group consider renting the smallest car available in order to save on rental costs as well as saving on gas consumption.

    Knowing what you want beforehand will make that comparison shopping a lot easier.

  • Be mindful of the 'other' costs.

    The advertised costs is one thing, but also remember to read the small print carefully.

    There are rental companies that might charge extra fees for a variety of reasons, and you should factor this into the total cost. For example, insurance for drivers under a certain age.

    You should also think about how much fuel will cost, and whether you need to return the tank full or not.

  • Check Online Too (First?)

    Brenda Williams in her article, 'How to Find Cheap Rentals', reported that "comparing prices online could save up to forty percent off of the price of a vehicle rental!' Many travel websites often offer price comparisons with one search.

    Moreover, bundling the vehicle with airline tickets and hotel means that the consumer can save valuable money on the vacation.

    And by the way, most of the top

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