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Jamaica TopUp - to lime Jamaica online topup OR digicel jamaica online topup

NEW - Free Credit!! TRIPLE AND DOUBLE BUBBLE with ezetop & Digicel!

Ezetop & Digicel are giving away FREE TRIPLE AND DOUBLE BUBBLE to our friends! To claim this fantastic offer, just send airtime to a Digicel phone. How easy is that!

This offer only lasts for a few days so don’t delay. Click Here to send airtime to your friends and family now!

Surprise someone back home.

I continue to look for innovative ways to add value to you and indeed all my other website visitors, and thanks to Valrose (one of my ardent site fans)another idea was sparked!

One of the simplest and cheapest ways to send a love gift to your Jamaican friends or family members is by sending them some phone credit.

Jamaica Top Up

In our Jamaican context, it's a lot for us; phone credit is always a welcome gift :-) but depending on the service you use it can get quite costly.

But again, I'm on the hunt for meaningful and value-added partnerships, and guess what, I found a budget-friendly provider in Ezetop - just in time!

Right now Ezetop dominates the Caribbean in terms of electronic topup service so it was an easy pick.

Most, if not all, of the local subscribers use them for their online topup service and we looove it!! I personally use it to ensure I get the double bonus credit offer that Digicel Jamaica offers each month!

Ezetop provides a simple and easy to use platform that makes your topup to Jamaica very 'clean' and secure.

So I am calling this idea Jamaica TopUP as, through Ezetop top up, you'll be able to top up your friends here, regardless of the network!

The two main players are currently Lime Jamaica and Digicel Jamaica; Claro has just recently exited the Market, selling it's assets to Digicel.

I keep saying Jamaica Top Up, but you are not restricted to recharge to Jamaican numbers, you can actually send credit to your friends right across the road but as far as in Pakistan - they are dynamic like that!

You are going to love 'em!

If you haven't done it as yet Click Here to visit their site, join free and get started, it's much easier than you might think!

And please, share this with someone.

Talk again later...


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Posted: 03/07/2012
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