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Sex Jamaica - - by Cheri Youmans

As Jamaica is sold to the world for its breathtaking landscapes, beautiful beaches and active party life, sex comes naturally with it. I'll share some realities with you right now!

Single tourists, both male and female, go to Jamaica to explore their erotic pleasures and romantic liaisons, paving the way for a booming sex industry in Jamaica. These include dancers and bartenders that cater to men, and gigolos that work out for female tourists.

Sex Jamaica

And since sex and romance is essentially a part n parcel of all inclusive vacation packages, it often becomes difficult for police and others to take action against illegal transactions.

The truth is that many vacationers go to Jamaica to have a great time and it doesn't not mean just exploring the landscape, beaches, waterfalls, the attraction and food, a lot of it has to do with sex.

It is argued that Jamaican men are 'special' and will almost always provide their women complete satisfaction. And it's the same for the females.

At times it can also be the other way round as well, locals place themselves at strategic locations, including party entrances, public beaches and major attractions to meet the anxious tourist looking for fun.

And you'd be surprise with the profiles, there are older men, younger men, and middle aged men. Some are rastas/dread, some of which are interestingly called 'rent-a-dread'. I guess the phrase speak for itself, right?

However, a word of caution, there have been cases where these sex sellers dupe the tourists. Single female tourists, for example, may be caught into the trap of a good looking, soft spoken gigolo, only to realize later that they have been cheated or even robbed. Initially what could appear to be a helping and caring guy, may end up steal personal belongings, including money and other valuables.

Also the very nature of the activities exposes the visitor to STD's, and Jamaica still have a 'to high' infection rate. AIDS for example, it still a big concern, particularly in the touristy/city areas, so please be cautious.

That said, may tourist have visited Jamaica and have found genuine friends, nurtured clean and caring relationships.

Some of which have become lasting friends - if not companions. Remember Stella in the movie, "How Stella Got Her Grove Back"? :-)

Regardless of your motives for visiting Jamaica, please remember to be responsible and be careful- take minimal risks, but do have loads of fun in beautiful Jamaica!

Posted: 12/02/2010

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