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Beauty in Jamaica
Our Amazing Performance History In Miss World & Miss Universe Pageants

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jamaica miss world 2006

The beauty in Jamaica is not confined to our scintillating beaches and waterfalls, lush vegetation, captivating tropical climate, nor the majestic scenery and physical surroundings - it is our people too!

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And I don't mean the inner beauty of the people alone.

The intellectual as well as physical beauty of our women are admired, and awarded, the world over!

I indicated to you the special beauties we are blessed with on my interesting facts on Jamaica page already.

Enviable Successes

Our Miss Jamaica winners have had much success at the International Miss World Contest as, in addition to Carol Joan Crawford' and Cindy’s victories in 1962 and 1976 respectively, Lisa Hanna also took home the crown in 1993. [How can I forget that occasion?], and more recently in 2019Toni Ann Singh!

As a result,  I can proudly say that Jamaica stands strong in 3rd place from the countries to win the Miss World title the most!

India and Venezuela are in joint first place (with 6 wins) followed by the UK in second (5 wins) and Jamaica in third (4 wins).

South Africa, the US, Iceland and Sweden are in joint fourth with three wins each.

Doesn't that trigger a thought in your mind though?... be honest now.

Oh yeah! Perhaps the a little about our history might be helpful.


These are are still amazing performances considering the number of entrants from across the world in addition to our resource limitations.

In between these victories too there have been several top 20, top 10 and top 5 finishers, as well as  several winners of the Caribbean Queen of Beauty title.

Prior to Spartan's staging of the contest, Jamaica had produced its first Miss World when Carol Crawford won that title  (

Miss Jamaica World Pageant Winners

Below is a list of our former Miss Jamaica World Pageant Winners since 1976.

  • Toni Ann Singh, 2019
  • Kadijah Robinson, 2018
  • Solange Sinclair, 2017
  • Ashlie Barrett, 2016
  • Sanneta Myrie, 2015
  • Laurie-Ann Chin, 2014
  • Gina Hargitay, 2013
  • Deanna Robins, 2012
  • Danielle Crosskill, 2011
  • Chantal Raymond, 2010
  • Kerrie Baylis,  2009
  • Brittany Lyons   2008 
  • Yendi Phillips   2007
  • Sara Lawrence 2006
  • Terri‑Karelle Griffith 2005 
  • Tonoya Toyloy 2004 
  • Jade Fulford 2003 
  • Danielle O' Hayon 2002 
  • Regina Beavers 2001 
  • Ayesha Richards 2000 
  • Desiree Depass 1999 
  • Christine Straw 1998 
  • Michelle Moodie 1997 
  • Selena Delgado 1996 
  • Imani Duncan 1995 
  • Johanna Ulett 1994 
  • Lisa Hanna 1993 
  • Julie Bradford 1992 
  • Sandra Foster 1991 
  • Erica Aquart 1990 
  • Natasha Marcanik 1989 
  • Andrea Haynes 1988
  • Janice Wittingham 1987
  • Lisa Mahfood 1986
  • Allison Barnett 1985 
  • Jacqueline Crichton 1984
  • Cathy Levy 1983
  • Cornelia Parchment 1982
  • Sandra Cunningham 1981
  • Michelle Harris 1980
  • Debbie Campbell 1979
  • Joan Mcdonald 1978
  • Sandra Kong 1977
  • Cindy Breakspeare 1976 

Note that Jamaica's first entry at the international competition was in 1959 with Sheila Mechtilde Chong. See Chinese Jamaicans

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Miss Jamaica Universe Winners

In the Miss Jamaica Universe pageant, although a Jamaican has never won the prize, we have had several top 10 finishers, including first and second runner ups!

The following are some of the winners, who represented Jamaica in that contest since 2004

  • 2019 Iana Tickle Garcia
  • 2018 Emily Maddison
  • 2017 Davina Bennett
  • 2016 Isabel Dalley
  • 2015 Sharlene Rädlein
  • 2014 Kaci Fennell
  • 2013 Kerrie Baylis
  • 2012 Chantal Zaky
  • 2011 Shakira Martin
  • 2010 Yendi Phillips 
  • 2009 Carolyn Yapp
  • 2008 April Jackson
  • 2007 Zahra Redwood
  • 2006 Cindy Wright
  • 2005 Raquel Wright
  • 2004 Christine Straw

Read more on Jamaica's Miss Universe history here.

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Jamaica-Miss Jamaica Pageant 2006

But don't get carried away by the outer beauty. These ladies had to demonstrate brains and cultural awareness at the pageant.

For pictures and background of each of these former beauties visit the Miss Jamaica World website at

Now, please tell me that you believed me know when I said Jamaica is not only about the scintillating beaches and the alluring reggae music?

C'mon, you believe me now right? :-)

Thank you! :-)

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