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Cheap Jamaican Attractions
Budget Friendly Attractions and Adventures

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Cheap  Jamaican Attractions | Seven Mile BeachCheap Jamaican Attractions | Seven Mile Beach

by Sheree-Anita Shearer | Associate Writer

Jamaica is not all 5-star resorts and luxurious attractions, cheap Jamaican vacations are possible, starting with these budget-friendly attractions and adventures.

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Montego Bay

Cheap Jamaican Vacations | Harmony Beach ParkCheap Jamaican Vacations | Harmony Beach Park
  1. Doctor’s Cave - One of the most popular beaches in Montego Bay and for good reason! With waters that are said to be therapeutic, the small entrance fee of less than $10 seems even less significant.

    There is a restaurant and bar located on the property so you aren’t allowed to bring your food to the beach. Beach chairs and umbrellas are also available for rent.

    Contact Information

    - Address: 11 Jimmy Cliff Blvd formally, Gloucester Ave, Montego Bay
    - Phone: +1 (876) 952-4355

  2. Harmony Beach Park - Harmony Beach Park is free admission which means access to the beach is free. You also have access to the lawns, jogging trail, changing rooms and multipurpose courts and kids' park.

    Safety both on the property and in the water is provided by the security and lifeguards who are always on duty. If you forgot your swimsuit or would like to sample the local fare, there are a few small booths right on the property.

    But if you’d like to bring your own meals, you can do that as well. Just remember glass bottles are not allowed. There are some areas of the park that can be rented out for small gatherings such as birthdays, baby showers etc. It is also a great place for a photo shoot.

    The parking entrance is located on Howard Cooke Boulevard (across from KFC) and comes at a small fee of JMD 200 per hour (around USD 2) or $700 for the day (about USD 5).

    Contact Information

    - Address: Howard Cooke, Boulevard, Montego Bay, St James
    - Phone: (876) 656-9290

  3. Fort Montego - The ruins of the old fort which was used in the past to protect Jamaica’s borders back when the British ruled the country, is now a historical site. You will be able to see the now out-of-use guns.

    But even more disarming, is the view of the Caribbean from the fort. It is always hard for me to understand how people could be at war while experiencing views like these, but I guess it was a different time.

    There is also a craft market located there where you can get your Jamaican branded paraphernalia.

Ocho Rios

Cheap Jamaican Vacations | Dunn's River FallsCheap Jamaican Vacations | Dunn's River Falls
  1. Dunn’s River Falls - You might think Ocho Rios’ most known attraction is expensive. It is actually one of the cheapest attractions in Jamaica.

    At just USD 20 for adults and USD 12 for children, there really is no excuse.

    Contact Information

    Phone - +1 876-974-2857/ 5944/ 4767
    Opening Hours: Everyday 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM (Opens at 7 AM on ship days)

  2. James Bond Beach - Why is it called James Bond Beach? Scenes from the first ever instalment of the James Bond movies were shot on the beach. Does Honey Rider collecting shells come to mind?

    The cost to enter the beach remains under USD 10 for both adults and children. On the property, there is a moderately sized lawn that the locals use as an impromptu football field and you can join in if you’d like.

    The restaurant and bar on the property also serve delicious local offerings.

    Contact Information

    Phone: +1-876–975-3665Opening Hours: 09:00 am - 10:30 pm
    Address: Oracabessa, Jamaica

  3. Konoko Falls - One of the few known Taino settlements, the Konoko Park and Falls combines history with the best that nature has to offer. After your optional guided tour, you can head to the falls for a cold, rejuvenating dip.

    Entrance fees again are very low. Children under 3 are free, 3-12 pay USD 10 and adults (12 and up) can enter for USD 20.

    Jamaican residents pay JMD 1,500 and 1,000 for adults and children respectively.

    Contact Information

    - Phone - +1 (876) 622-1712/ +1 (876) 408-0575
    - Opening Hours: Monday - Saturday (including Public Holidays) 8 AM - 4 PM

  4. Green Grotto Caves - Another Jamaican destination featured in James Bond, but that is not its only significance. The Green Grotto is filled with legends of pirates, hidden treasure, runaway slaves and European soldiers.

    The geology of the cave is also quite fascinating and the guides will be happy to teach you about the natural attraction and regal you with tales of the past.

    The cost for the cave tour is USD 20 for adults and USD 10 for children ages 4-12. The admission fee is acceptable in Jamaican currency for the daily exchange rate. Jamaicans can visit the caves for JMD 1000 for adults (13+) and JMD 500 for children 4-12 with a valid ID.

    Contact Information

    - Address: Runaway Bay, St. Ann
    - Opening Hours: Everyday 9 AM - 4 PM
    - Phone: +1 (876)-973-2841


Cheap Jamaican Vacations | Blue Hole NegrilCheap Jamaican Vacations | Blue Hole Negril
  1. Blue Hole - The Blue Hole is so named because it is quite literally a hole in ground with a 22 feet drop to the bluest waters at the bottom. But for those of us too scared to jump (the category I most definitely fall into), you can take the ladder up and down to the mineral waters of the Blue Hole, or enjoy the other amenities such as the lovely pool, restaurant and bar.

    Contact Information

    - Phone: +1 (876) 860-8805
    - Address: Negril, Jamaica

  2. Rick’s Cafe - You have no doubt, heard of Rick’s Café, maybe as the optimal spot to watch the sunset on the west coast of Jamaica. But, do you fancy a cliff dive too? Admission and diving are free. The only costs would be the bill for your rounds of Red Stripe beer and delicious food.

    Contact Information

    - Address: West End Road, Negril, Jamaica
    - Hours: 10 AM- 10 PM
    - Phone: +1 (876) 957-0380

  3. Seven Mile Beach - With various shops and resorts, you might think a trip to the seven-mile beach will be very expensive but, it isn't. This beach is also one of the best when travelling with children as the beach is generally calm.


Cheap Jamaican Vacations | Devon HouseCheap Jamaican Vacations | Devon House
  1. Devon House - The home of Jamaica’s first Black Billionaire, kept in the splendour of the time it was built.

    There are different tour packages available ranging from just the food tour at USD 13 to the Taste of Devon House (USD 25) which includes a choice from the hand-picked restaurants located on the property.

    If you would just want to visit the lawns and the gastronomy centre, then there is no cost to enter.

    Contact Information

    - Phone: +1 (876) 929-6602/ +1 (876) 929-6602 - Opening Hours: Mon-Fri - 8:30 AM-8 PM | Sat - 8:30 AM - 7 PM | Sun: 8:30 AM - 1 PM

  2. Bob Marley Museum - The former Kingston residence of the King of Reggae music and former location of Tuff Gong Studios is now a museum dedicated to the legendary artiste's international success in Reggae music.

    There are three packages available, the most popular, the home tour, costing USD 25 for adults (including ages 13 and up) and USD 12 for children 4-12, and toddlers are free.

  3. National Gallery - The largest and oldest museum in the English-speaking Caribbean. Admission is completely free at the museum all you have to do is show up!

    Contact Information

    - Address: 12 Ocean Blvd, Block C, Kingston, Jamaica (Entrance is on Orange Street)
  4. Emancipation Park - The Emancipation Park is completely free and is a great place to retreat from the hustle of Kingston. Made popular by the statues and fountain situated at the front of the park, don’t leave before getting your signature picture right there.

  5. Hope Gardens - 200 acres of green space in Jamaica’s metropolitan area is the Hope Botanical Gardens. A popular destination for a relaxing day surrounded by nature, the Hope Gardens is often a choice destination for picnics and casual first dates.

    The gardens are often the location for weddings, birthday parties and other celebrations. Admission to the park is free, except for the parking fee, designated by the class of vehicle you drive.

  6. Hope Zoo - Directly connected to the Hope Gardens is the Hope Zoo. While you have to pay to be admitted to the zoo, it is worth it. The zoo boasts many animals from flamingoes to lions. The cost to enter the zoo is JMD 1,500 (about USD 10) for children and JMD 2000 (about USD 14) for adults.

  7. Blue and Joncrow Mountain Range - In the Blue Mountain range, you might have heard of our signature Blue Mountain coffee. But the Range is also filled with unique restaurants, cabins and villas that encourage a trip up to Jamaica’s highest point.

    Many people also hike in the Blue Mountains, some making it to the top from which you can see Cuba on a clear day. Camping or “glamping” can also be done in the mountain range, with permission from the relevant authorities.
Cheap Jamaican Vacations | Emancipation ParkCheap Jamaican Attractions | Emancipation Park

You see, Jamaica has something to fit every budget there is no need to worry, cheap Jamaican vacations are possible. And if you would like to get our of the city and into the rural parts of Jamaica, Westmoreland and St. Elizabeth has great cheap options as well.

Which budget-friendly attraction will you start with?

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