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Westmoreland Jamaica Attractions
Adventures and Accommodations Outside of Negril

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Westmoreland Jamaica Attractions | Bluefields BeachWestmoreland Jamaica Attractions | Bluefields Beach

by Sheree-Anita Shearer | Associate Writer

You may think youโ€™ve never been to Westmoreland, Jamaica before but, I might surprise you. If you have been to Negril, then you have been to Westmoreland. Outside of Negril, the rest of the parish is left hardly explored when there is just so much it has to offer. Letโ€™s look at all the adventures awaiting you in Westmoreland, Jamaica.

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1. JamWest Adventure Park

Jamwest Adventure Park has something for everyone to enjoy. Initially a go-to place for car racing enthusiasts, it was decided to add other excursions and make it into a full adventure park. Now, in addition to the circuit drag strip, they offer ATV rides, zipline, safari, driving experience, horseback riding and push kart.

For those a little less adventurous there is the water park, a clubhouse, kiddiesโ€™ clubhouse, mineral bath, bird aviary and petting zoo.

Each adventure comes with its own rules and safety precautions which your instructor carefully details and a waiver must be signed for you to participate in most excursions.

You can either pay for the singular experience you would like to have or, pay for a package with a group of items at a discounted cost. The charge per adventure includes:

  • Entrance fees
  • Driver/guide
  • Pickup and drop-off from hotels in the Negril Area
  • Free Access to Pool and Water Slide
  • Free Access to mineral Bath
  • Safety gears and equipment

And for gastronomic delight visit the restaurant and end your day with memorabilia from the gift shop.

Contact Information

  • Address: Old Hope, Little London
  • Phone: (876) 475-7588

2. Benta River and Falls

Westmoreland Jamaica Attractions | Benta River and FallsWestmoreland Jamaica Attractions | Benta River and Falls

Benta River and Falls can be either filled with adventure or a relaxing day on the expansive grounds, perfect for a picnic for two or more than a few.

The attraction offers:

  • 7 waterfalls
  • A natural Jacuzzi
  • A mudbath

If none of those strikes your fancy, then the lush greenery of the land is quite therapeutic; take a mini hike.

Or maybe youโ€™d just want to tuck into your picnic. You can bring your own meal or visit the shack for some delicious fish or the Jerk chicken that everyone raves about.

All this is located just 35 minutes outside of Negril (1 hour from Montego Bay).

Watch Video! Benta River & Falls (Pictures & Videos)

Did I mention, that weโ€™ve visited, here is a collection of clips and pictures to further entice you!

Contact Information

  • Address: Williamsfield, Westmoreland, Jamaica
  • Phone: 876-599-4985
  • Email:
  • Website:

3. Zimbali Mountain Cooking Studio

Youโ€™ve never had a getaway quite like this one. Imagine vacationing in a true oasis in the mountains where you get hands-on teaching on how to prepare authentic Jamaican cuisine and hike through the hills on the ultimate farm tour. Zimbali combines culture, food, and comfort in the mountain lagoon.

You can either visit for the day or make your reservation for the full experience.

There are daily shuttles to the beach and food tours in Negril which is only 20 minutes away.

They have 3, 4 or 7-night packages with varying conveniences. Contact them to learn more.

Contact Information

  • Address: Caanan Mountain, Little London, Jamaica
  • Email:
  • Phone: 1-876-252-3232 | 1-855-ZIMBALI

4. Border

Jamaicans travel far and wide to get their fish and bammy here, so you are in for a treat. And the only attraction to Border is the food itself. There are no spectacular views or sites; thatโ€™s how you know it is delicious. You will find multiple little stalls along the road. Just park and make your way across the road safely.

Watch Video! Border, Westmoreland

5. Bluefields Beach and River

Westmoreland is big on rivers and beaches; the Bluefields Beach and river combo is the best. Now I will tell you how to blend in perfectly with the locals.

Head to the beach and spend the day frolicking in the sun with your fried fish or jerked chicken wrapped in foil, followed closely by your drink of choice (a Red Stripe, perhaps?).

Then, skip washing off at the facilities. Head across the road to the Bluefields River and be awakened by the crystal clear, icy cold water flowing over the rocks below the road.

And just like that, your trip outside Negril is has ended, and you can head on down to Negril.


Why not stay on the South Coast?


The Sandals South Coast

Westmoreland Jamaica Attractions | Rondoval Suites - Sandals South Coast (Photo: Jamaica Attractions | Rondoval Suites - Sandals South Coast (Photo:

Iโ€™m sure you are familiar with the Sandals Resorts. If not, they offer luxury, adults-only, all-inclusive with innovative rooms and suites and delicious food. They are also renowned for their swim-up bars. Their Sandals South Coast (Whitehouse) location is not short on these features.

Ivyโ€™s Cove

Westmoreland Jamaica Attractions | Ivy's CoveWestmoreland Jamaica Attractions | Ivy's Cove

Owned by our friend Maura, Ivy's Cove is in Whitehouse. The small guest house by the beach is perfect for weekends away, especially if you are craving a more intimate vacation. You can also enjoy non-motorised sports here.

And our final recommendation

Luna Sea Inn

Westmoreland Jamaica Attractions | Luna Sea InnWestmoreland Jamaica Attractions | Luna Sea Inn

Luna Sea Inn provides a relaxing out-of-the-city experience for you on the beach in Belmont. Be sure to have dinner and watch the sunset on the thatched bar above the sea.

Luna Sea InnLuna Sea Inn

Being in Westmoreland puts you closer to St. Elizabeth too where you can further explore the south coast. You can visit the attractions they offer, such as the Black River Safari, Appleton Estate Rum Tour (home of Appleton Rum), YS Falls and the laidback community turned tourist hotspot Treasure Beach.

What do you say? Will you venture out of Negril?

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Westmoreland Jamaica Attractions | Written: August 29, 2022

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