A Day At Turtle River Falls & Gardens

by Wellesley


Yeah, it turned out to be a fun-filled and memorable day!

My baby daughter (Aliana's) kindergarten was having their annual excursion - and this time the destination is Turtle River Falls & Gardens -in Ocho Rios, St. Ann!

My wife and I discussed it and we settled on me accompanying - meaning the parent representing/supporting her on this trip.

I had this scheduled for about three weeks, but Ali got sick (coughing with some fever) about a week before the trip :-(

We actually took her to the doctor a few days after but she was also diagnosed with an ear infection and so there was some anxiety and apprehension about her (and me) going.

But I worked overtime to get her well, ensuring she get all her meds on time, get enough sleep and encouraged her to eat up - I couldn't afford to miss this opportune moment to go on this school trip with my baby!

In fact, I haven't had one like this since my trip with my (now bigger) daughter, Karena to Animal Farm, almost a decade ago. (That one feel like forever now)

And so, what do you know? The day before (Wednesday) she showed great improvement, and by the Thursday morning she was ready!!!

And so she said too :-)


We still took precautions though; I took her bath suit but never really planned to have her swim, unless she was up to it - I learned to listen to her :-)

I also brought her cold & flu and fever meds - just in case :-)

Well, it turned out great!

Despite of some hiccups with my work (smart) phone earlier and not able to forward some time sensitive emails to my peers - we had a wonderful time!


I think it is a great place for a family trip, picnic or some soothing relaxation and quiet contemplation!


They have some majestic waterfalls there, including:

  • Brain Falls
  • Lady Jane Falls
  • Ooh Falls &
  • Ahh Falls



I was amazed by the number and beauty of the falls, as well as the flora and fauna.






The aviary was quite fun and insightful too!



Ali was not amused though, her real fun was in the pool!


And can I tell you that she remained well? Yup, not even a cough later in the night :-) Loved it!

Thanks again to Melanie and Keneisha - my community pals, Mr. Yap - Ali's classmate's dad, and Ms Gibbs - her teacher at school, for the great vibe & for sharing the pictures; certainly a day well spent.


As usual, I welcome your comments below.


The Turtle River Falls and Gardens, is a 15-acre tropical garden property that sits in close proximity to the Ocho Rios Cruise Ship Pier.

It features:

  1. A number of beautiful naturally cascading waterfalls.

  2. A 380,000 square feet walk in Aviary
  3. A variety of plants indigenous to Jamaica
  4. A Japanese Kai pond
  5. A beautiful swimming pool with swim up bar and grill &
  6. A large, clean and serene lawn - called "The Great Lawn" - ideal for family picnic, fun days. It also houses a band stand that can be used for wedding ceremonies in a beautiful tropical setting.
  7. And for those of us who loves football, there is a playing court there, which can also be used for baby cricket, tennis, netball or basketball activities.




The property was first opened in 1987 as The Carinosa Gardens and was expanded in 1991 to a 4-star 130 room Spa Resort known then as Enchanted Garden Resort and Spa.


The new name is now directly from the river (Turtle River) that runs through the property.

For more about Turtle River Falls & Gardens, visit their website here.

By the way, this place is now ranked by Trip Advisor as one of the top attraction or places to see in St. Ann.

Wellesley Gayle

P.S. See more exciting places to visit in Jamaica - recommended by travelers to Jamaica.

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Jun 13, 2016
turtle river
by: B.King

Turtle River Falls and Gardens pictures are beautiful. Enjoyed looking at them. Bye.

Jun 09, 2016
Turtle River Falls
by: Tasha

Just beautiful. Lovely pics wellesley

Jun 03, 2016
Turtle Falls
by: Lisa

Thanks for sharing the beautiful pics...i put turtle falls on my list of things to do when we come to Jamaica again in march.

Jun 02, 2016
Amazing trip
by: Karah

It seems u had a wonderful day I hope I will b able to visit there soon .

Jun 01, 2016
by: Anonymous

Love this Wellesley! I'm so glad your daughter felt better just in time for this excursion which I'm sure she will not forget :) I will be adding this to my list of hidden gems I need to visit when back home.

Be well Wellesley!

Your friends from the NorthEast USA

Jun 01, 2016
Turtle River Falls & Gardens
by: Dee Brown

Very informative with great photos. This is 'my kind of place'. I WILL be visiting.

Jun 01, 2016
Re: Turtle River
by: Anonymous

This place looks real enchanting. One thing though you didn't state the cost for entry

May 31, 2016
by: Melva

Thats a beautiful place to go, based on your pictures. Lovely, thanks for sharing.

May 31, 2016
nice place
by: Anonymous

i like.

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