Charity in Jamaica - How Do I Go About Setting One Up?

by Jo
(Bedford UK)

Kids At A Jamaican Charity Event

Kids At A Jamaican Charity Event


Hi I have bee visiting Jamaica regularly for the past 3 years.. My last visit was for 3 months where I helped out at the Portland Rehab Centre.. A place for the homeless based in Port Antonio.. I was not there by accident.. It was all part of the bigger plan.

I have a strong love of Jamaica & the people. I admire their resilience & positive outlook but I also recognized a long time ago that there is very little support for the homeless.

My favourite part of the island outside Boston Bay is Trelawny & this is the parish I want to focus on.

I am currently assisting to feed people on the street. When I in JA I help to cook & distribute food... When Im here in UK I raise money to send to a lovely lady in JA who shares my passion.

My dream (& hers) is the create a homeless center for the people of Trelawny... I know its a big dream... but everyone has a dream right? :)

The time I spent at Portland Rehab Centre taught me a lot. I realize its not going to be easy to build a homeless center but its so needed & I so want to try.

I have been making inquiries into becoming a registered charity in UK but its catch 22 -You need to raise at least 5K before they will consider you for charity status, however its really hard to raise money without charity status..

Its very hard to find people who share my passion & want to help too.

I was advised that one way around things might be to create a Trust in UK & seek charity status in JA.As a trust in UK I would then be able to apply to corporate funding...

Here lies my problems... I need some interested & passionate people in UK to become Trustees & I cant seem to find any.

I also need a good understanding of how to form a charity in Jamaica. What is required & how to go about it... I really want to do this but I need some help. Any ideas who to speak to? Love Jo x

ANSWER: by Wellesley, July 30, 2013

Hi Jo,

You have a really big heart, God bless you my friend! I really appreciate your willingness and sacrifice to do this for Jamaica.

I don't have your answers now, but I will be checking into it and let you know.

I will also be posting this question on my fan pages for my fans and friends who might have some information to post - just watch the comments below

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Dec 14, 2013
someone with a similar interest living near you NEW
by: Jo

Hi Jo

I have a colleague in the UK who feels just as you do about the homeless in Jamaica and the need for shelters. She was here for a year and is intending to return permanently. Currently she lives relatively close to you in the UK. I could link you up if there is mutual interest. I am interested in setting up a Mental health Charity and would be happy for any information or support

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