I'm Jamaican Too

by Alison Barrett Gaskin
(Willow Grove, PA, USA)

Jamaica50 Entry #2 -I'm Jamaican Too (Poem)

They say I'm a Yankee but that is not true
I'm a "Jamerican" tru an tru.
My mother and father are both from MoBay.
I was born in the US, in the state of PA.

My brother was the lucky one "bawn a yard"
To see why I'm jealous isn't so hard.
Being born in a land with such rich history
Jamaican pride is never a mystery!

From Bustamante to Manley, from Quarry to Bolt
Port Royal to New Kingston, Bob Marley and John Holt

Don't forget Sam Sharpe and Miss Lou
And what about the food?
Please don't get me started.
Ackee and salt fish,
Bammy, callaloo,
Curry goat, mannish water, chicken foot soup,
Rice and peas,
White rice and stew peas, 
Is your mouth watering yet?
I'll stop if you say, "Please!"

All right, I think I'll go on,
I could recite my favorite Jamaican food list,
Until the crack of dawn!
Fry dumpling, black cake,
Mackerel and banana,
Mango, tamarind ball, breadfruit, sorrel
Ox tail, fish fried and escoveitch, yam and plantain,
Bully beef, bun and cheese, 
Patty and hot cocoa bread!
Oh bwoy, mi haf fi stop!
Mi a dead fi hungry!
All that yard food draw di patwa out of me!
You see?
Now, how could I possibly be pure Yankee?
Yes, mi bawn a foreign, this true
But, I have a love for my Jamaican heritage
That daily I renew.

As I look into the faces of loved ones that I hold dear
And reminisce with my relatives both far and near,
About their stories of a land that is so sweet,
That I will no doubt to my child repeat.

So on this fiftieth anniversary of independence of this noble land
I proclaim my allegiance to a nation with blue waters and white sand.
"Out of Many One People" is their motto so true,
Yes, I proclaim that though born American, 
I am a Jamaican too.

Happy Jamaica50th!

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Jul 08, 2015
I'm Jamaican Too NEW
by: JC

Massive sistren, massive! Yardie tru and tru. Big up!

Jul 08, 2015
Me, too! NEW
by: Anonymous

This is going to be my personal anthem. Beautifully written & a great representation of all of us who were born off the island, but are Jamaican "tru and tru"

Jul 29, 2012
I'm Jamaican Too
by: M.Cruickshank

Great job Alison! It's a winner.

Jul 29, 2012
by: Sodette

NICE! I love this.

Jul 29, 2012
Great Job
by: Andrew

Thanks for sharing your talent with us, Allison! Someone did a great job of making sure your heritage was not lost. No one can possibly top this! Enjoy Jamaica!

Jul 29, 2012
Sounds like words in a song
by: Anonymous

I love it .

Jul 29, 2012
by: Joy White

That was excellent!

Jul 28, 2012
by: CHIN


Jul 27, 2012
Alison! Alison! Alison!
by: Anonymous

I love it!!!! This is a winner!

Jul 27, 2012
Alison Gaskin
by: Anonymous

I love it. Excellent.

Jul 24, 2012
I'm jamaican too
by: carol sharpe

Respect Alison!

Jul 21, 2012
"I'm Jamaican Too"
by: Anonymous


Jul 13, 2012
hidden talents
by: Wendy

i absolutely love the poem. allison i didnt know you were a poet. you have many hidden talents. my mouth was watering the whole time i was reading it. cant wait to be a part of the 50th celebration of my beautiful island paradise.

Jul 11, 2012
jamacisa poem
by: Anonymous

That was great

Jul 10, 2012
Alison Gaskins - ALL THE WAY!!
by: Aminci Livingston

That poem written by Alison Gaskins has to be the WINNER!!! In reading it I instantly got hungry, it made me smile make me think lovingly about my own family and most importantly it made me want to travel and go on vacation to that beautiful island home that she so eloquently describes.

Jul 10, 2012
You are indeed a Jacan.
by: Marva Griffiths Herman

Excellent poem, Allison.

I have that wonderful article that you wrote for Caribbean Heritage Magazine some years back where you wrote about practicing patois in the quiet of your room.

Yes, you are a Jacan, cuz.

Jul 10, 2012
Very nice
by: Anonymous

Great job

Jul 09, 2012
I'm Jamaican Too
by: Hilma

This poem about Jamaica is very true and interesting. It should be rated as one of the most known facts about the Island such as the beaches and the different types of foods which no
one ever say they are tired of because of their
organic stages.

Jul 09, 2012
I'm Jamaican Too
by: Dr. Raymond Findlater

The poem captures the obvious pride and joy the writer feels, knowing that she has a rightful claim to this rich Jamaican culture, in spite of the fact that she was born in the United States of America.

Jul 09, 2012
by: AlB

Very good.

Jul 08, 2012
by: WayneB


Jul 08, 2012
I'm Jamaican too poem
by: Val Barrett

Great poem - love it!

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