Jamaica makes Ripleys? Believe it!

by Wellesley

Adapted from The Jamaica STAR, Jan-15-2009.

We all know that Jamaica is a very special piece of rock. As My Friend P constantly reminds me, we are small but potent.

So, when news broke early this week that our mystic missing-sand story had not only made international news but landed in its rightful place in Ripley's 'Believe it or Not'.

There were many Jamaicans who felt a silent twinge of pride. Because when we bad, we bad good! That's right.


Pride was felt because as unflattering as the story was, it certainly outlined that our thieves are indeed accomplished because they made it to Ripley's 'Believe It Or Not'. And trust me, these people at Ripley's have tons of things hit their desks each day. And so, stories really have to stand out to make the column. And we all know that the thought process and the execution of stealing a beach is probably Pulitzer Prize stuff when you check it out.

And for those whose heads have been buried in the sand for the last year and have no clue what the story is about, here is the fast-food combo version.

An entire beach sand was stolen from along the north coast. News reports surfaced that 500 truck loads of sand were removed from one location to another in the dead of night. Stories abound about who knows what and who does not know what, but one thing that is sure is that an entire stretch of beach that was at one spot in June 2008, was gone by July 2009, and it was not coastal erosion - well, at least not of the natural kind!

But this is hardly the first time that Jamaica or a Jamaican has made the Ripley's column. I recall three other notable ones that were not negative at all.

World cup ball

First was that monstrosity of a ball that that was created as part of the marketing parade for the World Cup in France 1998. Yup! That ball made Ripley's but it never made the Guinness Book of World Records because it looked like a ball, posed like a ball, was called a ball, but alas, it was just too big to be officially declared a ball!

And then Usain Bolt, world-record holder in the 100m, 200m and triple-gold medalist and Olympic champion with world-record runs, made Ripley's column. Of course, Usain made it into the Guinness Book of World Records because he wrote it!

Then there was our friend from St Thomas who got really creative, grew his hair and then got it cut in the shape of a hat. He made the Ripley's column too.

Four facts that have made the Ripley's sheet that indeed show how ridiculously diverse this little island of ours is. From the spectacular to the shameful and everything in between, Jamaica has it.

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Rap Group, Splitta Squad, will be at STING 2009

by Dego Emerald

The rap group SPLITTA SQUAD will be performing live @ sting 2009.

They will be giving away (50) fifty pairs of their name brand sneakers (DS).
We would like to know where some of the orphanage homes are around the country so that we can distribute toys- clothes -etc to the less fortunate.

Anyone can contact Lucky (management) @ 941-875-2606.

Big up Dego Emerald our promoter and adviser. We are inviting everyone to come to Jamaica this Christmas and let’s all have a good time together.

See you there, one up!

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South Florida Salutes Jamaica's Olympians

by Dean A. Osborne
(Miami, FL)

Jamaica United Relief Association (JURA) Honors Jamaica's Olympians

Jamaica United Relief Association (JURA) Honors Jamaica's Olympians

South Florida has reached out to celebrate the triumphs of the Jamaica Track Team.

Jamaica United Relief Association (JURA) in Collaboration with Cornwall College, Vere Technical, Dinthill, Rusea's, Jamaica College, Jamaica Alumni Associations and Partners for Youth Foundation has put together a weekend of fun to salute Jamaica's Olympians.

The Celebration with be on Sunday October 26th, 2008 at the Lauderhill Sports Complex (7500 W. Oakland Park, Lauderhill, FL 33313)305-527-8447 for Ticket info.

The Net Proceeds from the event to Benefit Jamaica Amateur Association & Jamaica Olympic Association.

It’s a very good opportunity for Jamaican's abroad to come meet the stars from Jamaica.

They made us So Proud so we should support them by coming out.

Dean A. Osborne

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Voice from the Wilderness by Clifton Cameron

by Clifton Cameron
(London, UK)

Book cover - Voice from the Wilderness

Book cover - Voice from the Wilderness

This book is a fabulous book written by a Jamaican and covers topics that deal with Jamaican unity and the world. In this book there are lots of things about Jamaica and the politician in it. It also deal with Marcus Garvey.

This inspirational poetry book is suited for the family and is a must read for all Jamaican and people who want to learn about Jamaica. How Clifton do it in poetry is a mister. Enjoy the read and support a Jamaican writer. One love.

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Jamaican-born designer launches new clothing line "(n)yewd "

by Lesley-Ann
(Kingston, Jamaica)

A Jamaican-bred designer launches her first clothing line in US.

Born to the late Leslie George Harrison and Marcia Dalhouse, LPN, Wendy Harrison has had the desire to follow in her late father's footsteps in being an entrepreneur.

The anticipated launch of her new clothing line “(n)yewd” has many anxiously waiting to see this 26-y-o's talented fashion designs, inspired by Jamaican lingo and traditional trends.

Wendy swears that anyone who boasts or simply, wears her (n)yewd attire will be definitely feeling satisfied and sexy.

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