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Jamaican Cookbook!

I did a quick search on Google minutes ago for 'Jamaican cookbook'. And just as you would guess, it returned hundreds, I mean thousands of results.

Jamaican Cookbook -Enid Donaldson

The first few looked useful but it would appear that the rest, the remaining thousands are just mere mentions of the phrase.

I went across to and searched again.

And yes, I did search under the category 'books'. This time I get a much narrower list, but still well over 50 books - 78 in fact! I even went to Sangster's, a popular local bookstore here and scoured the shelves. I found quite a few there as well. Many of which does not appear to be available online.

It simply means that there is no shortage of Jamaican cookbooks available - hard copies or e-books!

But, a BIG BUT, there are cookbooks and there are cookbooks, you know what I mean right? Not all of them is of the same quality or deliver what they claim to give you.

However, I'll volunteer. I'll save you the trouble, and recommend the top ones to you!

My authority comes simply from family members who owns/owned one, bought one for a friend, and/or from the feedbank I've received - local and online.

So there you have it!

I've given you a good introduction to the food, shared pictures with you, and even throw in some free recipes as well.

It's now your turn to try them; grab a cookbook and take the Jamaican taste to your own table!

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