How To Apply For A Jamaican Passport
-Step By Step Instructions

Jamaican Passport Application

  1. First things first, Provide Proof of Jamaican Citizenship
  2. Eligibility for a Jamaican Passport is based on proof of Jamaican Citizenship. ALL applicants are therefore required to submit one of the following documents as applicable:

    • Birth Certificate
    • Certificate of Registration
    • Certificate of Naturalization
    • Adoption Certificate
    • Letter of Certification of Citizenship

    Important Note: Persons claiming Jamaican Citizenship by Descent MUST have their claim established BEFORE submitting the application for a passport. The documents required in such case are:

    • Applicant's Birth Certificate
    • Proof of Parent's Jamaican Citizenship &
    • Two certified passport photographs

    The Citizenship Unit is located at the 1st Floor, Immigration Citizenship and Passport Division, 25 Constant Spring Road, Kingston 10

  3. Provide Credible Identification
  4. Passport issuance is also based on credible identification. First time applicants, particularly. are also required to provide one of the following photographic forms of Identification:

    • National Voter's Identification
    • Driver's License
    • Previous Passport Other identification· (subject to approval by the Passport Officers, e.g. work 10)

  5. Provide Photographs
  6. Yes, passport-size photos. Applicants are required to submit two (2) identical copies of a professionally produced photograph taken not more than six (6) months prior to the application.

    Among other things, do note that such photos should be taken in color with amatte/dull finish, against a plain background.

    Applicants of light complexion should avoid wearing white clothing and should have the photographs taken against a pastel shaded background.

    Applicants of dark complexion should wear colored clothing and photographs should be taken against a white background.

    Applicants who has hair that is grey/white should have photographs taken against a pale blue or grey background.

    Most photographers and photo studios are fully aware of all the specifications though.

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  7. Complete The Application Form.
  8. Local offices and agencies have printed forms but you can also find a copy of the form online. Click Here to view and download a pdf version of the form right now.

  9. Get Application Form and Photograph Certified.
  10. This can be done by one of the following officials who is a citizen of Jamaica, who is not a member of the family of the applicant AND, has been personally acquainted with the applicant for a period of not less than 12 months:

    • Member of Parliament
    • High Court Judge
    • Resident Magistrate
    • Justice of the Peace
    • Public Officer (SEG 1 and above)
    • Consular Officer
    • Attorney-at-law
    • Commissioner of Oaths Notary Public
    • Parish Councillor
    • Bank Manager
    • Credit Union Manager
    • Clerk of Courts
    • Marriage Officers
    • Army Officer (Major & above)
    • Dental Surgeon
    • Medical Practitioner
    • Police Officer (Gazetted Ranks)
    • Passport Officer
    • Veterinarian or a
    • Principal (Primary, Secondary & Tertiary Educational Institutions)

    Note carefully that the official who certifies the application is also required to certify the reverse side of one photograph of the applicant, with the following inscription above his/her signature:

    "I certify that this is atrue photograph of ........................

    (Insert applicant's name and note date ofcertification) ................................................... ",

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  11. Submit Your Application & Pay The Fees

    The current fee is $4500 JMD, that's approximately $50 USD. The fee for minors is $2700 JMD.

  12. Special Notes
  13. Overseas Application

    For overseas applicants the following persons, who need not be citizens of Jamaica, may certify the application:

    • Justice of the Peace
    • Notary Public
    • Attorney-at-law
    • Medical Doctor
    • Minister of Religion authorized to perform marriages

    Overseas applicants may also contact the nearest Jamaican Embassy, High Commission or Consulate for other categories of persons who may certify applications and photographs.

    Consent For Minors

    The mother, father or legal guardian must complete the application for a child less than 18 years. Persons under 18 years of age, who are unmarried, require the written consent of the mother and/or the father or legal guardian, except where such person is a member of the Security Forces.

    In the event that neither parent nor legal guardian is available, contact should be made with the Customer Service Unit at the Kingston Office or the nearest consular representatives in the overseas missions.

    Requirement To Appear In Person

    • All first time applicants are required to be present at time of application.
    • Minors under three years are exempt.
    • Renewals do not require personal appearance. However, in some instances an authorized officer may require the appearance of the applicant.
    • A MINOR over 3 years of age doing a renewal is required to appear in person.

    Processing Time

    The application process takes seven (7) working days for applications made through the Kingston office and fourteen (14) working days, for applications made through the Montego Bay Office.

    If collecting the passport in person, the applicant is expected to show the receipt received when the application was made. If collecting on behalf of another person, a letter signed by the applicant and a copy of the applicant’s ID must accompany the receipt.

    Lost Passports

    In cases where a passport is lost, stolen or destroyed, a police report must be submitted. In the event that a lost passport subsequently comes into the possession of the holder, it must be returned to the passport office or the nearest Jamaican embassy, high commission or consulate overseas for necessary action.

    That's it! Not too bad after all eeh? :-)

    Thanks to the Immigration Citizenship and Passport Services Division of the Ministry of National Security for all this insightful information.

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    For any additional information, do contact the offices at:

    Passport Immigration and Citizenship Agency (PICA)

    25 Constant Spring Road
    Kingston 10,
    Tel: (876) 908-0142


    Overton Plaza,
    49 Union Street,
    Montego Bay,
    St. James,
    Tel: (876) 952-5380-1

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    Posted: 11/22/2012

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