My SBI Story!
...I HAD to share it!

[Please read to the end]- It takes only a few minutes!

What is SBI anyways?
That is probably the first question on your mind right?

..I knew it :-)

But just before I tell you, please do me a small favour, OK?

Go to right now and search for:

  • jamaican rum cream, OR
  • famous places in jamaica, OR
  • jamaican flowers, OR
  • aquasol beach, OR
  • jamaican roots drink, OR
  • free jamaican recipes, OR
  • rivers in jamaica, OR even
  • current events in jamaica

- TRY ANYONE! Go ahead.

Go... I'll wait!!

Beautiful! What is the very first result that showed up?

This website ( right? OF COURSE!

SBI is a company based in Canada that, not only host this website, but provided me their prized action guide that guided me step by step to this online success.

The 'man behind the music' is Ken Evoy- its founder.

And the story?...

Well, I call it a story simply because, like a story, it tells the particulars of a significant act or occurrence, a course of events- and this is significant enough!

How the SBI relationship started was very interesting!

Now although I had fairly stable job, I was looking for other avenues to supplement my income. I decided I would research some online possibilities so I started to work Google!

Online Opportunities

I ran into scores and scores of online business opportunities. I signed up with a few affiliate programs and started to actively promote them- from using free web pages and printing posters, to buying newspaper advertising spaces locally.

--Ms Pancheeta at the Western Mirror knows me very well now :-) --

But even after weeks and months, the impact was very minimal. However, deep down I figured that if others are succeeding online- not necessarily because they are smarter than I, then I should be able to succeed too.

I Found SBI!

With a little more self-conviction, I went back to Google and started to do some more research.

Again, I found several programs- but that time I was more cautious of the hype and false promises.
(you would understand why, right?)

But this time ONE STRUCK ME!...

One of Google's result showed up - a directory of affiliates programs that also offers reviews.

I clicked it and found they were giving SBI some great reviews. I was really impressed- but as you would understand, still cautious, as most of these so called 'online business opportunities' always seems to be very very impressive.

They had an free affiliate program, so I figured, "what the heck, I'll give it a shot" I have nothing to lose!

I signed up free as an affiliate.

The Rest is History!

Believe me, the rest is history..

I made only one sale (US$75) as an affiliate before I decided I had seen enough, I bought the package!

They not only showed me how to build a profitable website from the passion of my country, I learned all the fundamentals of online business which has opened up a new world to me- I doubt I would ever learn that in any University!

I felt very accomplished watching my little website pull visitors per day (as they promised) from 5 to 10 to 30 to 80, and then the snowball really started- in only a few weeks!

They took my passion and helped me to create a top 2% internet website [nothing catchy- I agree, but it works!]

A Website that Works!

Now although my site is still young, it is already matching up with the 'goliath' websites out there.

Listen to this:

As of 5/31/08, just 14 months of its launching, the website had a DAILY average of 987 unique visits, 674 visitors, and 2473 total page views! Yes per day!

That's 76,671 page views per month!

Updated: [Jan - 2009 stats showed over 120,000 page views!]

Amazing stuff!

That allows me to very earn a very nice supplement to my regular day job income each month

In fact, I earn from various avenues; Google's Adsense program is just one of them.

-Side Note-
And by the way, it happened WITHOUT any sort of advertising-none at all! I actually consider the investment to be a fraction of what could have been my advertising cost.

TIP! If you are interested to know exactly how I put it all together, click here and I'll rush you that information.
-End Side Note-

Moreover, Google had begun to give a number of my pages very high search engine rankings as I showed you above!

Never mind the fact that I already had some amazing #1 and #2 rankings at Yahoo, Ask and Windows Live- for both text and image searches!

But Google is the BIG GUY, and if you in the Top 30 ranking of Google, your site is darn well respected...

...and my site is :-)

It continues to get many TOP 10 rankings already, but for example purposes...

I welcome you to go to right now and search for any of these keywords:

  1. "jamaican rum"
  2. "rivers in jamaica"
  3. "national symbols of Jamaica"
  4. "current events in jamaica"
  5. "famous people from jamaica"
  6. "sports played in jamaica"
  7. "famous places in jamaica"
  8. "historical sites in jamaica"
  9. "jamaican climate"
  10. "jamaican sayings"
  11. "facts about jamaica" OR
  12. "jamaican animals"

[with or without the quotes]

There are MANY more, but try those, you will likely see this website [] on the very FIRST page!

Yes, in the TOP 10 of millions of pages! AND THIS IS STILL EARLY DAYS!

It is still hard for me to believe that this website made it to the top 2% of all the websites online in less than 6 months!

Don't believe me? Click Here and look at the Alexa rankings in real time. Now compare that now to the 60,000,000 websites online. Top 2% right?

I just couldn't go wrong with SBI, their 10-day guide took away all the complexities of building a profitable little website.

In fact, it feels like nothing but fun!

-Side Note-
If you would like to learn more about SBI, I would strongly suggest you join their free affiliate program now.

Yes, their free affiliate program allows you to promote SBI and earn a decent commission (a juicy 25%), but joining it does a lot more for you- in my opinion:

It allows you to get on the inside and take part in the family-friendly forum discussions where you mingle & rub shoulders with other super successful SBI'ers (a lot more than I)- without buying the subscription!

For me, that was one of the best reasons joining SBI.

Join it FREE right now and start learning!

Of course, you can still join just to promote and make a nice commission. If that's your reason, feel free to use my website story as a testimony! :-)

-End Side Note-

Have a question about SBI?
Still have doubts?

That is perfectly OK.

Just take a minute and
Send it to me here

Here too are questions I was already asked

My story has inspired quite a number of persons already, not least is one guy called Dean. He already started his own SBI site which is doing very well.

And by the way, you are welcome to view a few of the phenomenal comments I am getting about this site.

[See more successful sites here]

Today, I have various sources of income from this site.

I am not the only fanatic of this SBI formula either; there are hundreds of other average people- even from other 3rd world countries that are succeeding online, thanks to SBI!

Some SBI'ers -we call ourselves, have even created videos to show off! Click and watch this short 3-minute video by Elad, a fellow SBI'er, who created another small site

So again, much thanks to Ken, and the other guys (including Deb) at the great interactive forums.

Not only did they provided me a great product that allowed me to share my passion with the world [and make money], they provided me a kind of education that I could never learn in any college.

Thank you SBI!

Wellesley Gayle
Publisher and Author of

And if you have a question, feel free to ask me here. I will try my best to answer it. Go ahead and submit your question now.

P.S.S. SBI sometimes have some specials deals, go ahead and hop over there and see the latest happenings.

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