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I asked Ms Davis (principal); 'What makes Unity Preparatory School unique? What is so special about this prep school in Montego Bay?".

Her immediate (and proud) response: "Our academic excellence! We have past students all over the world now, three of who are doctors at Cornwall Regional Hospital as I speak!"

And from all indications, she has good reason to be so confident about Unity Prep School.

In a few seconds, I'll share with you a bit about this little oasis in the city of Montego Bay.

 History  || Extra Curricular Activities || Achievements || Contact Info

The History


Unity Early Childhood and Preparatory school was established in 1982 with four students, three girls and one boy. In less than twelve months the population grew to 125 students. The school was registered with the Ministry of Education in 1982.

Ms. Rosemarie Porter and Marlene Numbdarkhon (then) took on the task of training these impressionable young minds. Rapid growth continued which attracted four trained teachers. Three additional open air classrooms and a rented facility next door were added to facilitate the growth.

After numerous attempts to purchase properties, with the help of Mr. Paul Sloley, and the expertise of engineer and architect, Mr. Flowers and Mr. Merchant, the original building was reinforced and two upper floors were added. 

Unity Preparatory School finally had a home!

The vision continued and 2008 gave birth to a new location, 16 Coke Avenue, Brandon Hill!

A well designed, beautiful and impressive building stands on the hill overlooking Montego Bay. "A Dream Come True"!

The school on the hill away from the hustle and bustle enjoys the gentle caresses of tranquil breeze passing through the leaves and touching our cheeks. The ambiance is clean, spacious and conducive to learning.

Ms Pearl Davis is the founder and principal of this noble institution. Her background and former training as a registered nurse and an ordained minister qualifies her as such.

Ms Davis is Jamaican but she spent much of her life in the USA, employed as a registered Nurse. She then started her ministerial journey in 1976 where she served in Spkane, Washington; Salem Oregan; Salt lake, Utah; Boise Idaho; Montana; Vancouver, British Columbia; Calgory and Edmonto in Alberta.

She returned to Jamaica in 1978, established the Unity Faith Center, which gave birth to this; the Unity Preparatory and Kindergarten which has as its motto "Unity is Strength, Together We Achieve"!

Precious Pearl Davis - Unity Kindergarten

Extra Curricular Activities

unity_prepartory_jamaica_extra_curricular_activities_footballExtra Curricular Activities At Unity Prep

The administation of Unity Prep ensures that students are involved and most of the students are involved in various organizations and activites such as:

  • Brownies,
  • 4H, 
  • Cub Scout, 
  • Dance, 
  • Speech,
  • Music and Drama, 
  • Spelling B
  • Football, 
  • Cricket 
  • and Track & Field.

The computer lab is furnished with both laptop and desktop computers. And by the way, Spanisha and Computer Studies and mandatory for all grades.

unity prep school in jamaica drama

Achievements & Awards

unity_preparatory_and_kindergarten_jamaica_awardsUnity Preparatory School Awards

Unity Preparatory School has a rich history of excellence. In 1999, its founder, Reverend P. Pearl Davis, was recognized and given an International Award form the Association of Unity Chruches for her contribution in moulding the lives of young children in Jamaica.  

She was also recognized by the Martin Luther Kings Association award,, "Embracing The Dream", as spiritual pioneer. 

And the students have been following suit since!

In 2004, Shaneeli Gibson won the prestigious Blue Cross Scholarship for her oustanding performace in the GSAT examination.

Several other students have since won regional and national awards (eg. Melissa Malcolm for first prize in GSAT Quiz), but not only in academics but also in drama, dance, speech and athletics!

Contact Information For Unity Preparatory School

The following is the contact information for Unity Prep School and Kindergarten.

Please feel free to reach out to them, whether you are looking to get your child registered for the next term, or just to ask a question, make a recommendation or to assist the school in some way.

You may also download an application form here.


16 Coke Avenue, Brandon Hill,
Montego Bay, Jamaica, WI


876-940-7969 or 876 350-5474




unity_preparatory_and_kindergarten_jamaicaUnity Prep School At Brandon Hill
unity kindergarten prep school jamaicaFaculty of Unity Prep School

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