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...a beacon in the Caribbean

I actually started my tertiary education with the University of the West Indies (UWI)- as I indicated on the colleges in Jamaica page- and proudly so.


That was at the school of Continuing Studies in Montego Bay where I earned a special award for exemplary performance.

Yep, I was brilliant back then :-)

Anyways, even removing the sentiments, I have to say this is one of the best in Jamaica and certainly the most respected.

With a history of consistent performance and quality, it has become the beacon, not only in Jamaica, but the entire Caribbean.

Many of brains in Jamaica and the Caribbean owe a lot to the UWI. This list includes over seven prime ministers!

  • Dr. the Hon. Kenny Anthony – P.M., St. Lucia;
  • The Rt. Hon. Owen Arthur – former P.M., Barbados;
  • Dr. the Hon. Denzil Douglas – P.M., St. Kitts & Nevis;
  • Dr. the Hon. Ralph Gonsalves – P.M., St. Vincent & the Grenadines;
  • The Hon. Patrick Manning – P.M., Trinidad and Tobago;
  • Dr. the Hon. Keith Mitchell – P.M., Grenada;
  • The Rt. Hon. P.J. Patterson – former P.M., Jamaica;
  • The Hon Erskine Sandiford – former P.M., Barbados.
[as at Dec/06/08]

UWI was established in 1948 (in Jamaica) initially as an external College of the University of London but was made made fully independent in 1962.

According to information on their website,

It is the oldest, fully regional institution of higher learning in the Commonwealth Caribbean.

Supported by fifteen countries all current or former colonies of Great Britain, the UWI is committed to the development of the region through the training of its human resources, conducting research, delivering advisory services to governments as well as to the private sector and forging links with other institutions in the wider region and the rest of the world.

The university currently has three campuses, Cave Hill in Barbados, Mona in Jamaica and St. Augustine in Trinidad. This is in addition to over twelve centers in the other countries, known as Open Campuses.

The total enrollment is now well over 39,000 students.Its application in Biotechnology, information technology, tropical medicine and chronic diseases are regarded as its areas of strength.

UWI currently offers over 800 degree programs, covering almost every subject area you can think of!

In addition to the regular day (face to face) school, they also facilitate distance learning, the 'evening university',summer programs, affiliate, as well as joint partnerships with other local colleges.

As you would expect, the school also has a very strong Alumni Association call UWIAA, of which its primary objectives are to:

  • foster and maintain contact among graduates of the University.
  • encourage a closer bond of affinity and commitment to the University.
  • engage in fund raising and other activities to enhance the development of the University.

Neka, my sister, is also a past student of this noble and prestigious institution. Keep your candle burning bright UWI!

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