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Top High Schools In Kingston Jamaica

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immaculate_conception_high_kingston_girlsHigh Schools In Kingston Jamaica | Immaculate Conception High (Photo:

by Sheree-Anita Shearer | Associate Writer

The culture around Jamaican high schools is one so engrained in us that even after leaving the school for years, there is undying loyalty to your alma mater and all their achievements no matter how long after you’ve moved on, is celebrated with the same vigour as before.

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In many cases, it isn’t just the children who clamour to attend the schools, parents want their children to go the traditional high school just as much for multiple reasons. One, going to these schools, is an indication of who smart your child is or two, most family members have gone there.

These high schools in Kingston are in the top 15 academically.

Immaculate Conception High

immaculate_conception_high_kingstonImmaculate Conception High

Immaculate Conception High has consistently been in the top 10, often in first place on the ranking of high schools in Jamaica. The Roman Catholic, all-girls institution was founded in 1858 by the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany Archdiocese of Kingston. The school values are focused on reverence for God, self, others, honesty, and the environment.

Immaculate Conception consistently performs well in Grade 11 and Grade 13 exit exams sat by high school students in Jamaica, Caribbean Secondary Examination Certificate (CSEC) and Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) respectively. They have successfully prepared many young women for further studies or to enter the working world after secondary education.

The over 1600 students aged 11 to 19 who attend Immaculate Conception are exposed to multiple subjects as prescribed by the Ministry of Education and additional subjects in the arts, drama and vocational studies. There are also many extra-curricular activities spanning sports, music, volunteerism and tourism.

Contact Information

  • Call:+1 876-924-1719
  • Opening Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Address: 152C Constant Spring Road, Kingston 8, Jamaica

Campion College

campion_college_jamaica.jpgCampion College

The Roman Catholic co-educational institution is known for its academic and athletic achievements in Jamaica. The school named for renowned Oxford Scholar, priest and Jesuit martyr, Saint Edmund Campion, opened its doors on the morning of January 5th, 1960 to 101 students.

Campion College is no stranger to being named the top-ranked school on the island as it has done so more than any other secondary institution in Jamaica. It has also had the most recipients of Jamaican Government scholarships in the country. Not to stop there, Campion alumni have produced 14 Rhode Scholars and had two recipients for the coveted award in 2010.

Contact Information

  • Address: 105 Hope Road, Kingston 6
  • Telephone: 876-927-9555 | 876-927-9458 | 876-978-2548
  • General Email:

Wolmer’s Girls and Boys Schools

wolmers_boys_gleanerWolmer's Boys School

John Wolmer saw the need for a public school in the parish, which was established in 1729 with money reserved in his will to do so. The first school location started with 500 boys on the roll.

In 1742, the school was relocated to a new building on Duke street where the school stayed until the death of the headmaster, Michael Mill in 1755. This saw the school being closed for two years and the facilities leased to the government for storage.

The school was also used as a courthouse for Surrey county. In 1757, the school was reopened at a new location and it remained here until 1777. They moved yet again to Church Street which they leased and then purchased after a while. More changes were to come caused by multiple reasons including the Kingston earthquake of 1907.

However, by 1909, Wolmer’s Boys and Girls Schools were established at their present location near the Heroes’ Circle. The Wolmer’s Girl’s School is located not far away at 2a Marescaux Rd, Kingston. Wolmer’s is the second oldest school in the Caribbean and the oldest in Jamaica.

Since 1907, they have had 24 Rhode Scholar awardees. Many of Jamaica’s most affluent persons from politics to entertainment, sports and media have passed through the doors of Wolmer’s.

Though regarded as separate institutions, both are owned by the same Trust.

Wolmer’s does not shy away from sports either, they were the first school to win the Boy’s and Girl’s athletics meet in Jamaica and have won the most championships for high school cricket.

They are also frequent contestants in the School’s Challenge Quiz hosted by Television Jamaica.

Contact Information

Wolmer’s Girls

  • Address: 2a Marescaux Rd, Kingston
  • Phone: (876) 922-4084

Wolmer’s Boys

  • Address: National Heroes Cir, Kingston
  • Phone: (876) 922-8678

St. Andrew High School for Girls

st_andrew_high_school_for_girlsSt. Andrew High School for Girls

Founded in September 1925, the all-girls high school in St. Andrew Jamaica was a collaborative effort by the Presbyterian Church of Jamaica and the Wesleyan Methodist Churches to provide education for Jamaican girls.

The school has had a foundation of academics and sports from the beginning due in part to there being a tennis court and hockey field on the property purchased for the new grounds of the school, the Ceceilo Lodge.

Since then, the ladies of St. Andrew Technical have been forerunners in Jamaican hockey. The school which opened with 21 students now educates over 1500 from grades 7 to 13, with an average of 120 new students each year.

The Cecelio Lodge building still stands, but was renamed for the first headmistress of the institution, Jenny Garthshore, and is now an administrative building.

Contact Information

  • Address: 10 Cecelio Avenue, Kingston 10, Jamaica, W.I.
  • Tel: 876.926.5925/6 | 876.929.6144

Kingston College

In April 1925, the opening of Kingston College sought to eliminate a dire issue in Jamaica at that time. Poor black boys of that period were only afforded a Primary School education and with that Dr. G.F.C. DeCarteret, with Bishop Percival Gibson saw the need to open a school which catered to this demographic.

Their signature colour, purple, was chosen as it was the colour of the Christian bishops of the leading historical Empire, Rome and was the colour used to honour Olympians in Greece.

A colour fitting for the institution as the boys are no strangers to academic and athletic success. They have won the Sunlight Cup Cricket Competition 23 times, ISSA Manning Cup 15 times and TVJ's Schools' Challenge Quiz 11 times. Their teams in other sporting disciplines have also been multiple-time champions.

Which school won the most champs in Jamaica?

With a record 33 wins, Kingston College cops the most wins in Boys and Girls Championship history.

The school currently has two locations in Kingston to accommodate the over 1800 students comfortably.

Contact Information

  • Address: 2A North Street Kingston | 13 Upper Elleston Road, Kingston
  • Phone: (876) 922-5929

These are just 5 of the top schools in the corporate area. Many other schools in Kingston are performing exceptionally well including:

  • Jamaica College
  • St. Hilda’s Diocesan High
  • Convent of Mercy Academy Alpha
  • St. George’s College
  • Holy Childhood High
  • Ardenne High
  • The Queen’s High School
  • St. Hugh’s High

Learn more about other traditional high schools in Jamaica.

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High Schools In Kingston Jamaica | January 3, 2022

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