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Why A Jamaica Vacation?
Here's The SINGLE Reason!

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jamaica_vacation_wellesley_anniversary_2018_beach_coconut_seasideJamaica Vacation - Decameron 2018

Cancun or Jamaica? Bahamas or Jamaica? Panama or Jamaica?
Believe me, I see these questions almost everyday!

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Before I answer though, let me declare that:

I am Jamaican. Yes, born and bred here. And that outside of a few travels (maximum 3 months away, I’ve never lived anywhere else!

So yes, I might be a bit predisposed, even so since I can't speak with any authority on the other destinations, but I’ll give it to you, the way I see it, from my own experience here :-)

So to the big question, Why Jamaica for Vacation?
May I answer you in one sentence (line)?


... Jamaica Has Something For Everyone!

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In my article on vacation in Jamaica, I covered the various options available to you, whether you are seeking adventure, nature, relaxation, party or history. 

You might have heard me brag about it before, but forget the warm tropical climate for a second, Jamaica is truly a melting pot of diverse cultures from around the world.

The Indians, Chineese, English, Spanish, Africans and initially the arawak influences, have blended richly together to create a true cultural gem, an enviable brand that is now an icon the world over.

And this resonates in our food, music, dance and even sports!
So yes, my answer is simple - Jamaica has something for everyone, but I'll break it down ever further for you. Just in case you are wondering what exactly do we have on offer :-)


Whether it is our famous Jerk  (Pork or Chicken), steamed fish & festival, or a totally 'ital' vegetarian meal. Or from my homemade chocolate tea on a Sunday morning, to the rich pumpkin soup on a Saturday evening, the sumptuous and delectable taste of our Jamaica food is to die for.

Put all of that aside for a second, the abundance of exotic fruits and vegetables here is enough for you to want to get here.

Of course you know that we are also the producers of the world famous Appleton Rum, Blue Mountain Coffee and Sangster’s Rum Cream right?.

Read more on Jamaican Food here.


I do mean it when we say what we have something for everyone!

You can be as brave as the cliff jumpers at Ricks Café in Negril and go for it, you might be a bit more cautious like me and choose the forest , bird sanctuaries or zoo to view the exciting variety of flora and fauna, the cascading rivers and waterfalls.

But you could also give yourself a courage boost and visit one of the eerie historical caves. By the way, we have over 200 species of birds locally, twenty five of which are endemic to this island!

Noticed I didn’t even mention a trek up the 7400 ft Blue Mountain? Yes, we have that too. 

Read more on our attractions here


Prefer to lounge on a beach chair on pristine white sand beaches having your beer or pina colada? Sure you can do that!

Some of the best beaches in the world are found right here! See Negril’s Beach.

And if at any point the waves captivate you, dive in! Better yet, consider the many water sports activities we have; from snorkeling, parasailing and skydiving to deep sea fishing!

Read more our beaches here


I need not remind you that Jamaica is the birthplace and home of Reggae Music, do I?

Good! So that means that the vibe is always right :-)

Somewhere, in every city, there is a party, every weekend (literally) in Jamaica. And that does not include the Reggae Sumfests, The Dream Weekends and Appleton Weekends in Negril nor the hosts of food festivals we host - every month (almost) From Curry Fest and Crab Fest to Chicken Back Fest and Breadfruit Fest! Yeah mon!

By the way, we now have several gaming lounges on island, if you so desire!

If if you are a sports maniac,  you're not missing out either, there is always a live football (soccer), cricket, basketball, or domino match happening too.


From the Arawaks to the Spanish, Africans and English. From Slavery to piracy & witches. From hurricanes to earthquakes, Jamaica has endured it all.

This is indeed rich history! 

The haunted rosehall great house easily comes to mind, but our galleries and historical museums curates much of this history.

Read More on Jamaica's history here

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And above all, the biggest reason why visitors swarm our shores, according to my readers who already visited Jamaica, writers and travel agents is, drum roll….

The People!

And in all honesty, I could go on and on! Jamaica is truly (and still) the darling of the Caribbean.

Don’t believe me? How about hearing from persons who have been here before. Read their stories here.

I started, and stopped counting, but right there you'll get another 53 reasons to choose Jamaica - from real peope who have been here!

And, may I add another one? I'd like to share my most recent vacation experience here with you.

Yes, I am Jamaican but 95% of the time, I vacation here. I can proudly say that I am a 'product of the product' :-) Read below.


My wife and I had a brief stay (for our anniversary) at the cozy, three star, Club Decameron All Inclusive Resort in Runaway, Bay! It was lovely!

In pictures, you'll see even more reasons to choose Jamaica. I truly hope these pictures inspires you. Here they are!


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jamaica_vacation_wellesley_anniversary_2018_coconut_treeJamaican fresh coconuts on the tree
jamaica_vacation_wellesley_anniversary_2018_nasberry_fruitJamaican Naseberry Fruit
jamaica_vacation_wellesley_anniversary_2018_decameron_rhumba_box_musicJamaican Rhumba Box (Mento Music)
jamaica_vacation_wellesley_anniversary_2018_gym_at_decameron_liftingBelieve me, I needed some work out after all that food - lol.

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Here is our video, capturing what we call, the special ‘sights and sounds’.  

VIDEO: Click The Play Button Below

I hope it gave you some great insight into what's on offer, not just at this amazing little hotel, but also JAMAICA!

I welcome your comments on the above video - thanks ;-)


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