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What Attractions Are Close To My Cruise Ship?
The Best Attractions To Visit By Resort Town

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Jamaican CruiseWhat Attractions Are Close To My Cruise Ship?

by Venesha Johnson | Associate Writer

Whether your cruise stop is only for a few hours or maybe even a few days, I am sure you will be looking forward to getting off and exploring the city or town you are in. There are five cruise ports in Jamaica, Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Falmouth, Port Antonio, and Kingston; here are fun ways to make use of the hours you have on land at each port.

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Montego Bay

The Montego Bay cruise port is about 15 minutes from downtown Montego Bay, here are 3 stops you must make to have the best experience.

hip_strip_montego_bay_margaritavilleHip Strip Margaritaville
  1. Hip Strip - The hip strip, also referred to as bottom road but officially named Jimmy Cliff boulevard is the place to be in Montego Bay. This stretch consists of various plazas, restaurants, hotels, beaches, parks, bars, stores and so much more. If you are looking to relax in the sun and play in the sand the Doctor's Cave Beach should definitely be your first stop, there is a Starbucks on the property as well as a restaurant and bar so you don’t have to worry about getting food or refreshments.

    The famous Margaritaville is also located on the Hip Strip which is great for dining with a view during the day and exhilarating parties at night. If you are looking to enjoy Jamaican dishes with a flair Usain Bolt’s tracks and records are the place to be. Don’t leave without a trinket or souvenir which you can find in the local gift shops or the craft market.

  2. Rose Hall Plantation- this is where you will find the home of the legendary Annie palmer, you can book a tour beforehand to view the Great House and take a look around the grounds. Nearby, you will find golf courses such as the white witch golf course and the cinnamon hill golf course. Two of the most popular restaurants, Scotchie’s and Chill Out Hut are also nearby if you want to grab a bite of local cuisine.

  3. Sam Sharpe Square- this is really the centre of the town, mostly referred to as “Parade.” There you will find a water fountain and a statue of our national hero, the Honourable Samuel Sharpe. There is also a small museum displaying art pieces and miniature replicas of moments in our history.

Ocho Rios

dolphin_cove_venesha_with_dolphin.jpgDolphin Cove

In Ocho Rios, there are two piers where cruise ships can berth. The main pier is Turtle Bay Pier, and the second potential mooring location in Ocho Rios is named Reynolds Pier but is more often known as James Bond Pier.

Ocho Rios is a relatively small town so everything is really in close proximity to each other. Ocho Rios is all about the thrill and exciting adventures, here are 3 of the most thrilling places you must visit:


love-on-the-martha-brae-river-jcarleRafting On The Martha Brae

Falmouth cruise port is one of the most popular and is what the entire town is mostly known for. Once you arrive at the Falmouth Cruise Ship Terminal, you may not even feel the need to leave as there are many shops and restaurants on the property for you to enjoy. However, if you do plan on leaving, here are some things to add to your list of things to do.

Being a protected historical site in Jamaica, many of Falmouth's original structures are still standing. For tourists who want to get a feel for the area and take in some of the ancient buildings, a walking tour is an easy choice. There are many tour companies that will gladly accommodate you, some even offering walking food tours as well.

Chukka Adventures Park & Falls at Good Hope is a popular choice for adventure travellers, located about 20 minutes from the dock. Its Falmouth site offers thrilling ziplines through forests, off-road drives, river tubing, tastings of Appleton Rum, tours of the historic Great House, and a sizable bird aviary.

The distance between Martha Brae Rafter's Village and the port is under fifteen minutes. The Village has a bar, gift stores, and picnic spaces. You can enjoy a tranquil 3-mile journey down the lovely river on a bamboo raft ride that comes with a seating and floral decorations.

Port Antonio

folly_ruins_grounds.jpegFolly Ruins

The cruise port in Port Antonio is called the Ken Wright pier, and it is situated at the Errol Flynn Marina. It serves as a call port for small and upscale cruise ships primarily. Port Antonio and the entire parish of Portland are known to have some of the most beautiful attractions.

People seeking breathtaking natural scenery and a low-key getaway from tourist attractions frequent Port Antonio. There are grand, historic structures in the region that serve as reminders of the city's affluent history.

You may begin a 2.5-kilometre walking tour of nine historic landmarks, from Musgrave Market to Folly Point Lighthouse, in five minutes from the marina.

The Folly Ruins, the remains of a mansion whose roof collapsed in the 1930s, are just five minutes drive from your ship.

Visit Boston Jerk Center. Jerk food is said to have originated in the Boston area. It is one of the best places to sample meals that have been pimento-smoked and spiced with our delectable island seasoning.

The region is thought to have been the site of the first jerk pits from the 1940s, which later evolved into the well-known Boston Jerk Center that is known today.

For beach lovers, you will have your selection of the most beautiful beaches and falls in Jamaica, including Boston Beach, Somerset Falls, Reach Falls, San San beach, Frenchman’s Cove and the infamous Blue Lagoon.


Tourist Attractions In Kingston - Devon House JamaicaDevon House Patty

Kingston is the island's capital city and also one of the island's top cultural cities as well. If you want to truly learn about Jamaica’s history and culture this is the place to visit first. 

Kingston, you will find plenty of museums and galleries and even a few live theatres as well. Feel free to expand your palette in Kingston, as it is known to have a variety of restaurants that prepare a variety of different cuisines as well.

Of course, if you don’t make any other stop in Kingston, the one stop you absolutely must make is Devon House, for some of the best Jamaican ice creams.

Maybe you want to forego having a set plan and want to just wing it, even then you will be sure to find a couple of jerk spots and souvenir shops, regardless of where in Jamaica your ship docks.

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What Attractions Are Close To My Cruise Ship? | Written: December 3, 2022

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