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Kingston Jamaica News

I received quite a large number of queries from persons and interest groups, searching for news on Kingston Jamaica, hence I am making this quick article post to provide some sources to them, and perhaps you too.

Kingston Jamaica News

First, I must say that, almost any news you hear of and from Jamaica would quite likely include news from Kingston, why is this so?

Because, not only is Kingston the capital of Jamaica, and Jamaica's largest city, most of the radio stations, newspapers, television and other media entities are located or headquartered here.

So first up, I'll suggest you check out the major radio stations, take a peek at them. Most of them now have a robust website, with news on the hour, and many now have live streaming!

There are also the major newspapers. This include the Jamaica Gleaner, The Jamaica Star, The Western Mirror, and The Jamaica Observer. Both the Jamaica Gleaner and the Jamaica Observer are online! Check them both out at the link above.

And Even Better

:-) You can try those above or take the lazy man's approach :-) and just follow these live links I share below! Thanks to feed informer, I pulled them directly from all the major newspapers in Jamaica as well as Google and Bing!

Here you Go!

Those should help to get you all the news in Jamaica, including Kingston - the latest and greatest!

For a quick background on Kingston, visit the Capital Of Jamaica page.

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