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 I now present you the very latest news and current events in Jamaica - based on popular demand!

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current events in jamaica

As you probably know by now, there is never a dull moment in Jamaica - good or bad, there is always something happening :-)

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News Highlights and Commentaries

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Dead End Beach, Montego Bay - Our Beach Trip Review 
Today we went to the beach! And this time to the popular Dead End Beach here in Montego Bay , Jamaica... thanks to sister Heidi and her family for the …

Jamaica Labour Day 2014 - Retirement Residents Spruce Up Their Community 
Residents of the community of Retirement in St. James took Labour Day 2014 (May 23) as a prime opportunity to show their love and belief in their community …

Jamaica Mart Expo - An All Day Event @ Jamaica College May 24th 2013 
This event : To allow Individuals, Small Businesses, and those in partnership to sell their work, publish and promote their business. The event will …

Hurricane Sandy in Jamaica 
Hurricane Sandy Update History will mark today, October 24th as the first time a hurricane made landfall in Jamaica since Hurricane Gilbert in September …

Shadae Pusey Tops St. James High CSEC Results 
Families, friends and teachers of Shadae Pusey were ecstatic upon hearing of her 2012 CSEC performance. Shadae was awarded nine (9) subjects , all …

Chawlih Plays Reggae Using His Mouth As Musical Instruments 
Chawlih Plays Reggae Music With His Mouth To Celebrate Jamaica's 50th. You all will be amazed that with all the mixed-up things going on with JLP …

Jamaica Insider Guide Reviews 
Below are recent reviews of the Jamaica Insider Guide. Please read and feel free to add your own. Click Here to return to the Jamaica Insider Guide …

Happy Mother's Day 2012 
I just wanted to pause and recognize all the mothers, caregivers, big sisters, grandmoms,adopted moms,guardians and even the dads who had to be mothers. …

The highly demanded, eagerly anticipated... JAMAICA INSIDER GUIDE -Downloadable & In Print! New! The Insider Guide is here! …

Annual Events in Jamaica - Calendar of Events 
Coming to Jamaican in the month of ______? Looking for something to do or somewhere to go then? Here is a calendar of top and popular events in Jamaica. …

Nature Village Farm Jamaica hosting RastaFest 
Irie! After 17 years,, I finally made it back to Jamaica! I spent 7 weeks on the the Great River! Nature village farm is 40 acres of tropical rain forest …

The PNP Wins 2011 Jamaica Elections Convincingly 
It's official! The opposition People's National Party has won the 2011 elections here in Jamaica by a convincing margin. The initial count shows that …

Jamaica's Election 2011- Check Your Name On The Voter's List 
CLICK HERE to check your name on the November 2011 Voter's List. We (Jamaicans) head to the polls on December 29, 2011 to vote for the party we feel …

Jamaica impresses at the World Travel Awards - Caribbean & Latin America 
Tourism Minister, the Hon. Edmund Bartlett has described Jamaica's dominance of Wednesday's World Travel Awards Caribbean & Americas Gala Ceremony as "pay-back …

Meet Baby Gayle!. 
...Aliana Kiara Gayle, our new bundle of joy! Update! See below for later pictures . She arrived approximately 4:40AM two Friday's ago, September …

My brother's car accident - Saying 'Love & Thanks' 
I am writing this blog post, first to say thanks and show deep appreciation to the persons involved in the rescue & support of my brother after his miraculous …

Remembering September 11 - Ten years on! 
Americans everywhere are reflecting and in some cases commemorating the horrific events of 9/11/2001. It is a day that will never be forgotten for …

Jamaica Woo Daegu! 
I assume that by now you would have heard the news, right? Well, Jamaica certainly made its mark on the South Korean city of Daegu, and by extension …

Wellesley & Omeil's Wedding - June 4, 2011 
Updated: June /13/11 We now a slideshow of the wedding below! Note: These are randomly selected amateur photos taken by my friends (click each …

Earthquake Felt in Jamaica Today - May 16 2011 
Approximately 10:15 today - not 100% sure of the time, I felt the tremor in Montego Bay Jamaica. It was a very strong shaking in the building. I have …

The Jamaica Blog Party 
Hi friends and partners! I received a special invitation from Stephanie Treasure, a personal friend, to attend this interesting Jamaica Blog …

Woot Woot! We're In the News Again! 
Well guess what? Yup! is in the news again! This time it is the top newspaper in Jamaica, The Jamaica Gleaner! The feature …

Reggae Music Singer Sugar Minott Has Passed On 
I just heard on Irie FM news that reggae music singer Sugar Minott has passed off. He died in a hospital in Kingston Jamaica yesterday. Sugar Minott …

Westmoreland Curry Festival 2010 
The Westmoreland Curry Festival Committee is staging its 10th annual festival, which is a major fund-raiser for the Manning's School Development Fund …

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Local Student makes the DEAN'S LIST @ Hofstra University in Long Island, NY 
Brittany Rhoden, the daughter of Patricia Kerr and Ian Rhoden - a 20yr old senior and a Psychology major at Hofstra University in Hempstead, Long Island, …

Montego Bay Traffic Changes in Full Gear! 
The new traffic changes was officially implemented at midnight on Saturday (November 7) following several delays and controversy surrounding its implementation. …

"Jamaica Celebrates" - Remembering 1962 Independence! 
Just before midnight on August 5, 1962, the British Union Jack was lowered and the Jamaican flag raised for the first time, marking Jamaica's independence …

...And another record destroyed by Jamaica's Usain Bolt (19.19) 
(CNN) -- Usain Bolt broke his own world record in the 200m meters as he completed the sprint double in the world championships in Berlin in sensational …

The Value of Time 
An extract from 'The Value of Time' poem - Author Unknown. To realize the value of ONE YEAR, ask a student who failed a grade. To realize the …

Jamaica's New Festival Queen 
23 year old teacher and CARICOM Youth Ambassador, Kamesha Turner is the new Miss Jamaica Festival Queen and the second queen in the history of the competition …

Jamaican Commentary and Editorial 
I have no idea how to start, apart from "for the love of a Jamaican". I long wondered why Jamaicans go on the way they do but since my marriage …

Your Health and Jamaican Travel 
Traveling to Jamaica should not adversely affect your health. Finding a good doctor in Jamaica is no real problem, and all of them speak English, of course. …

New Business Opportunity coming to Jamaica 
A great opportunity is coming to Jamaica that you cannot afford to miss. Amway Global is pleased to announce that the Amway Global business will be …

Unreasonable School Leadership 
I'm a concerned parent of a student attending Anchovy High School in St. James. On Monday September 16th, I dropped my daughter off at school only …

Jamaica's new $5,000 bank note rolls out today! 
THE BANK of Jamaica issued a high-security $5,000 banknote today, September 24. The note will be legal tender for all monetary transactions, and …

"Tremendous" Upcoming Jamaican Artiste 
Born December 8, 1989, Christopher Sterling, aka "Tremendous" is a 6ft 2 inches, tall ambitious young upcoming Jamaican artiste. He is originally from …

Happy Emancipation Day Jamaica Not rated yet
Wishing all Jamaicans a very special time! Greetings from Germany, Helen Wellesley's Resonse Wow! That is lovely! You did that. It is beautiful. …

Photo Contest Twitter Promotion Not rated yet
Join In The Fun & Win -Simple And Easy To generate additional buzz and global awareness for our exciting Jamaica photo contest we are hosting …

Jermaine Tuffy Anderson's exclusion from Reggae Boyz team spark protests in St. James Not rated yet
Fans of Jermaine Anderson and by extension, residents of St. James communities, have been protesting the exclusion of ace premier league striker, Jermaine …

Hague Agricultural Show 2013 - Ash Wednesday Not rated yet
The Jamaica Agricultural Society presents its 58th annual staging of the Hague Agricultural and Food Fair on Ash Wednesday, February 13, 2013. The …

Mannings' School Celebrates 275 years Not rated yet
The Mannings School in Savanna-la-mar will for the entire year of 2013, is celebrating its 275th year anniversary, making it the 2nd oldest high school …

Jamaica Bank Notes In Circulation Today Not rated yet
January 2013: I recently announced the new Jamaica 5,000 bill in this post . It generated a lot of interest; the latest of which was a request for …

Negril's Donkey Races And Fun Day 2013 Not rated yet
The eighth annual Negril Rotary Donkey Races will be held on Sunday, February 10, 2013 at WAVZ on Negril beach . The family fun day features eighteen …

Falmouth To Get Craft Market Not rated yet
by Shamir Brown (Jan 23, 2013) This historic Georgian town of Falmouth , Trelawny's tourist capital, is to have a craft market by the middle of 2013. …

Island In The Sun  Not rated yet
When I need to enjoy myself and have some fun, There's only one place to run, Its that island in the sun. Its the place to party till the sun comes …

Trevor Roper passed away on January 2nd 2013 in Chicago. Not rated yet
My friend Trevor, the former lead singer from "Chalice". He was only 59 years old, much too young to say Goodbye. But the Almighty had planned differently. …

St. James Parish Forum 2012 Not rated yet
The Social Development Commission hosted the St. James Parish Forum 2012 that was held at the Conference Center in Mount Salem, Montego Bay , Jamaica …

Jamaica’s Style Week In London Fashion Week 2012 Not rated yet
It has been a tremendous year for Jamaica that is celebrating its 50th anniversary of independence from Britain. Usain Bolt maintained his title …

Summer Bacchanal PAINTED Beach Jouvert | JUNE 30 2012 | NEGRIL JAMAICA Not rated yet
BlackGold Entertainment invites you to The Summer's hottest Jouvert in Jamaica ¯`°º•¤.¸¯`°º•¤.¸ (¯`v´¯) ¸.¤•º°´¯¸.¤•º°´¯¸ ¯¸.¤•º° ::PAINTED-JUNE …

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Westmoreland Curry Festival 2012 - 'Every Ting Curry' Not rated yet
The 2012 edition of Jamaica's Westmoreland Curry Festival was another blast! This annual charity event, is by far the most anticipated event on the …

Jamaica50th Event in New York -with Oliver Samuels! Not rated yet
On August 4, 2012, Jamaicans and friends of Jamaica will be meeting at a venue which is expected to be one of the largest ever in New York City, to exclusively …

90- And 82-Year-Old Newlyweds Honeymoon in Jamaica! Not rated yet
How Exciting! This article was extracted from the Miami Herald on November 15, 2011 Love is Still in The Air as 90- And 82-Year-Old Newlyweds Honeymoon …

PIRATES by the Sea - CocoLaPalm Halloween 2011 Not rated yet
An excuse for a few fun packed days of partying, and our way of saying Thank You to our large family of repeat guests! The date: October 26 - 31, 2011. …

Jamaican Independence Celebrations in Atlanta Not rated yet
Jamaicans in Atlanta will celebrate Jamaica’s 49th year of independence with a range of activities for Jamaicans and friends of Jamaica young and old under …

Bird with the clipped wings poem Not rated yet
I would like to share this poem with my Jamaican friends. The professors said it is a masterpiece. BIRD WITH THE CLIPPED WINGS I tried to fly but …

New book out: The Making of a Jamaican Don Not rated yet
Never before has there been a book written on dons, corrupt politicians, police and public officials in Jamaica. This novel: The Making of a Jamaican …

BIAJ invites voting for 2011 book awards Not rated yet
The Book Industry of Jamaica in its People's Choice section is inviting persons to vote for awards which will be handed out in March 2011. Selected …

Caribbean Internet Marketing Summit Not rated yet
Everyone is Invited to Attend the Caribbean Internet Marketing Summit. Join the World's Top Experts on Internet Marketing in New Kingston, Jamaica on …

Big Fire in one of the oldest buildings in Savannah la Mar this morning! Not rated yet
Arrived in Sav la Mar, to do some business today, to find the upper floor of one of the oldest buildings in Sav, housing a restaurant & two tiny shops, …

In Support of Dustin Brown Not rated yet
Tennis Jamaica (TJ) and Gore are so wrong. There is insufficient support for Brown. This young man has singlehandedly put himself on the map in tennis. …

Christopher (Dudus) Coke is Caught! Not rated yet
FORMER Tivoli Gardens strongman Christopher 'Dudus' Coke is now in police custody. The fugitive was handed over to police by Reverend Al Miller and …

Contest Sponsorship Not rated yet
Hey! Wellesley Gayle here, author and publisher of this website, – Sharing the uniqueness of Jamaica with the world! …

Police are brutal in Zürich, Switzerland to Blacks Not rated yet
The police of Zürich, Switzerland seem to have a problem with dark skinned people, it`s either they see you as a drugs-dealer or they don`t like the color …

Jamaican security forces continue their operation in Tivoli Gardens Not rated yet
The Jamaican security forces are continuing the operation in the west Kingston community of Tivoli Gardens, attempting to remove alleged criminal elements …

A review of the (Global Domains International) online business opportunity Not rated yet
Is (Global Domains International) a scam? First up, I must admit that despite the fact that the top money makers will tell us that network …

Ernie Smith Teams up with CD Baby for Haiti Not rated yet
Ernie Smith is known for his original hits such as 'Life is Just for Living', winner of the 1972 World Popular Song Festival in Tokyo , sponsored …

Haiti Ravaged by Catastrophic Earthquake Not rated yet
Unless you are living on the moon then this is news to you! Apparently, about 4:53pm on Tuesday, a deadly earthquake, measuring 7.0, devastated Haiti …

Chicago Excursion - Oct 25, 2009 Not rated yet
This is my 3rd day in the USA on this trip. Peter, Mary and Donovan -who are hosting me, has been making sure I don't get bored at all. Yesterday …

My-Island-Jamaica $100 USD Giveaway on Twitter! Not rated yet
Yes, I am in that benevolent mood right now :-) In an effort to promote my site as well as to truly engage YOU my current (and future) followers, I …

Bolt Awarded ambassadorship and highway Not rated yet
Jamaica Oberver: BY ALICIA DUNKLEY staff reporter Wednesday, September 16, 2009 USAIN Bolt, the world's fastest man who holds world records for …

10 Easy (and Cheap!) Ways to Make Your Home Safer (Part 2) Not rated yet
A WebMD Feature provided in collaboration with Healthy Child Healthy World. Reviewed by Michael W. Smith, MD ...continuing from Part 1 . 5. …

10 Easy (and Cheap!) Ways to Make Your Home Safer (Part 1) Not rated yet
A WebMD Feature provided in collaboration with Healthy Child Healthy World. Reviewed by Michael W. Smith, MD Retrieved: 9/23/09 Making your home …

Jamaica's Version of 'Deal or No Deal' game show premiers on September 23. Not rated yet
Jamaica Observer, 9/17/2009: Digicel on Tuesday evening unveiled its Deal or No Deal game show which will premiere on Television Jamaica on Wednesday, …

Jamaica's Usain Bolt shatters the world record - again! Not rated yet
Bolt shattered the 100m world record as he added the world title to his Olympic crown in Berlin on Sunday. Bolt ran a stunning time of 9.58secs to claim …

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Used Vs Loved Not rated yet
This is a real good lesson for all of us: While a man was polishing his new car, his 4 yr old son picked up stone and scratched lines on the side …

Does the Truth Help or Hurt Relationships? Not rated yet
Remember how your relationship was in the very beginning? You stayed up all night talking about everything - your dreams and desires and even the …

General Information Not rated yet
Fear build walls it doesn’t build bridges. Walls keep you confined, but bridges will take you across. Start facing the things you fear the …

My Health Handbook Not rated yet
Thanks a lot Brenton. It was your submission of the health benefits of certain fruits and vegetables that prompted me to post the This Year's …

Jamaican Events Not rated yet
Event: Family Dinner Outing Where: China House Chinese Restaurant on the Hip Strip, Montego Bay. Date: January 24th, 2009 Who Was there: …

Jamaican Announcements Not rated yet
Adapted from The Jamaica STAR, Jan-15-2009. --> We all know that Jamaica is a very special piece of rock. As My Friend P constantly reminds …

Retirement Children's Treat December 2008 Not rated yet
This year (2008) was the fifth consecutive year. It was particularly challenging though since both myself and 'Honey' (Ms Graham), been the chief organizers, …

Exclusive Jamaican News Items Not rated yet
Originally published in the Jamaica Gleaner Newspaper on Sunday, August 17, 2008 Jamaica's Usain Bolt created Olympic history for Jamaica as …

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