Places with 'Pen' names in Jamaica - What with them? How Many Are There?

by Wellesley

May Pen, Jamaica

May Pen, Jamaica


How many more places in Jamaica have the word "Pen" included in them? What is its significance in Jamaican place names?

Is it something like how the word "waite" is used in names in England's Lake District, such as Braithwaite? Do you know?

I know of 'May Pen', and now in your latest e-zine of 'Devon Pen'.

ANSWER: by Wellesley, May 15, 2013

Hi Glyden,

Very interesting question my friend! I know I can depend on you for such critical thinking.

Yes, place names does have some significance here and much of them are derived from the colonial days.

This page from the National Library of Jamaica list some of the unusual ones and the history of them, but it would appear that in general, most either have something to do with the uniqueness of the actual geographical location or the family name of the master, owner or plantation that it was on.

But what's special about the PEN? Beats me, but rest assured, I'll be checking around.

In the meantime though, I've done some brainstorming and researching and has created this list:

  1. Bamboo Pen (Old House, St. Andrew)
  2. Bonny Pen (St. Mary)
  3. Bowden Pen (Portland)
  4. Chambers Pen (Hanover)
  5. Christian Pen (Portmore, St. Catherine)
  6. Church Pen (Old Harbour, St. Catherine)
  7. Clermont Pen (St. Mary)
  8. Content Pen (St. Ann)
  9. Coopers Pen (Trelawny)
  10. Cottage Pen (Manchester)
  11. Cranbrook Pen (St. Anns Bay, St. Ann)
  12. Cuffes Pen (St. Elizabeth)
  13. Dean Pen (St. Mary)
  14. Dempshire Pen (St. Catherine)
  15. Devon Pen (St. Mary)
  16. Duncans Pen (St. Catherine)
  17. Ellerslie Pen (Spanish Town. St. Catherine)
  18. Ensom Pen (Now Ensom City, St. Catherine)
  19. Faith's Pen (St. Ann)
  20. Farm Pen (Westmoreland)
  21. Fyffe's Pen (St. Elizabeth)
  22. Gordon Pen (St. Catherine)
  23. Grants Pen (Kingston)
  24. Industry Pen (Three Hills, St Mary)
  25. Jew Pen (Bog Walk, St Catherine)
  26. Kingswood Pen (Westmoreland)
  27. Lakes Pen (St. Catherine)
  28. Lennox Pen (Darliston, Westmoreland)
  29. Luana Pen (Black River, St. Elizabeth)
  30. March Pen (St. Catherine)
  31. Marshall's Pen (Manchester)
  32. May Pen (Clarendon)
  33. McCooks Pen (St. Catherine)
  34. Nanse Pen (Kingston)
  35. Rhoden Pen (Old Harbour, St. Catherine)
  36. Slipe Pen (Kingston)
  37. Tawes Pen (St. Catherine)
  38. Thompson Pen (St. Catherine)
  39. Tinson Pen (Kingston)
  40. Trench Pen (Now Trench Town, Kingston)
  41. Waterhouse Pen (St. Andrew)
  42. Wild Pen (St. Elizabeth)
  43. Wynters Pen (St. Catherine)

It is not complete, but this is certainly eye-opening! To my surprise, many of them are from the parish of St. Catherine! Did you notice?

I wonder if there are any historians in this audience who could shed some light on it?

I am also going to invite my readers to join in by submitting other places using the comment form below.

But now, my thoughts are wandering, I am thinking I need to do the same for "Town" in Jamaica, eg. Albert Town (Trelawny) :-) That should be interesting.

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Comments for Places with 'Pen' names in Jamaica - What with them? How Many Are There?

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Jan 11, 2015
pen names NEW
by: Anonymous

why is the history not showed...... only the names the history of the place would greatly help

Sep 30, 2014
Pens NEW
by: Shazzsmash

My understanding is that all pens in jamaica were initially where cattle was raised as opposed to sugar plantation etc..

Jun 18, 2013
A complete list of Pen places in Jamaica NEW
by: Wellesley

Here's another list, thanks to Devin, my dependable researcher :-)

Parish Pen' Place Name
Clarendon Bryans Pen
Clarendon Chandlers Pen
Clarendon Coates Pen
Clarendon Cross Pen
Clarendon Dunkley’s Pen
Clarendon Hamilton Pen
Clarendon Harmony Pen
Clarendon Hunts Pen
Clarendon Low Ground Pen
Clarendon May Pen
Clarendon Mears Pen
Clarendon Milk Pen
Clarendon Monymusk Pen
Clarendon Oaks Pen
Clarendon Orange River Pen
Clarendon Pusey Hall Pen
Clarendon Rules Pen
Clarendon Russell Pen
Clarendon Sandy Gully Pen
Clarendon Saxony Pen
Clarendon Shickle’s Pen
Clarendon Teaks Pen
Clarendon Thatch Pen
Hanover Argyle Pen
Hanover Coventry Pen
Hanover Lances Bay Pen
Hanover Peak Pen
Hanover Pedro Pen
Hanover Ramble Pen
Hanover Recovery Pen
Manchester Blakes Pen
Manchester Marshall’s Pen
Portland Shirley Pen
St. Andrew Bull Bay Pen
St. Andrew Delacree Pen
St. Andrew Grants Pen
St. Andrew Smith’s Pen
St. Andrew Waterhouse Pen
St. Ann Dorothy Pen
St. Ann Glenfield Pen
St. Ann Huntley Pen
St. Ann Lindale Pen
St. Ann Taws Pen
St. Ann Tows Pen
St. Ann Unity Pen
St. Catherine Boca Pen

Jun 01, 2013
Reason for names with "pen"
by: Anonymous

Hi Wellesley. There is actually a simple reason for the 'Pen' part of the place names. In colonial days, some slave owners had estates called plantations, where crops were grown. Other slave owners had estates called 'pens' which were farms on which cattle were raised versus a 'crawle' where hogs/pigs were raised.

There were a lot of cattle pens in St. Catherine because grass could be grown easily and abundantly on the hot plains which had ample water supply from rivers and streams.


Jun 01, 2013
Places with "Pen" in there names
by: JamaicaPortal

I have lived in, and visited many Caribbean countries of past English domination. I cannot recall another place with the word Pen ending it, except Jamaica. A pen is obviously the writing instrument, or not so commonly used, a containment for animals. I tend to believe the latter was used in naming places. See this interesting link:

May 27, 2013
places with the name pen in jamaica
by: Anonymous

hunts pen close to new bowens in clarendon
dawkins pen close to lionel town
coatis pen up carroto hill
mc crooks pen i think its st catherine

May 18, 2013
Other place names with Pen in them
by: David Brown

Nanse Pen is actually the correct name for part of the community known as Waterhouse, especially that part on Spanish Town Road... learn your history people

May 18, 2013
Devon Pen Mentioned
by: Wellesley

The ezine I mentioned Devon Pen is actually located here:

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