Enjoy Exciting
Snorkeling in Jamaica

Explore our beautiful Caribbean aqua life at its best; enjoy snorkeling in Jamaica!!

Exciting Snorkeling in Jamaica

I am assuming you already know, or at least heard about our beautiful Caribbean waters. OK, well snorkeling is just one way to enjoy them as well as to learn more about and experience our attractive marine life.

The minimal waves and warm Jamaican waters provides ideal opportunity to see the aquatic life from near the surface.

It is said that the best snorkeling experience in Jamaica is offered in Montego Bay. Doctor's Cave Beach features one of the most accessible spots.

For the more experienced and adventurous, the Coyoba, Seaworld and Royal Reefs provides exciting options. Each of these reefs are full of wildlife. It is usually recommended that you hire a guide though as the as it is farther from shore and a bit rougher.

There is also two popular local attractions that offers this exciting pastime, The Dolphin Cove attraction- you swim with the domesticated dolphins, and the Mobay Undersea Tour, but there could well be more.

Many of our local hotels offer this as a activity for their guests as well. Check with your hotel's tour desk for even details and even more options.

Snorkeling is a wonderful activity that can be enjoyed by almost anyone. It requires much less instruction and training than scuba diving.

And although it is said that most people who have snorkeled have done so on group charters while on vacation,it is actually an activity that can be done almost anytime, anywhere.

An small investment of $50 for basic snorkeling gear, some swimming experience, a body of water and an hour of time is all you need.

If you haven't already experience snorkeling in Jamaica, give it a try - you'll love the new world beneath the beautiful Jamaican waters!

Exciting Snorkeling in Jamaica

Can't snorkel and would like to learn the basics, visit this website.

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