Why I Love Jamaica? Here Is Why

by Robert
(Manchester Jamaica)

Re: What Makes Jamaica Special Feedback Question:

There are so many things to love about Jamaica that it would be far easier to write about what one DOESN’T like about Jamaica.

Such a list, while not infinite, could turn out to be quite lengthy.

The food, the culture, the people, the freedom of speech, the music, the natural beauty, the Christmas holidays, the climate, the white rum, the beaches, the parties, the flora (to include that thing resembling hemp which possession of small amounts of have now been decriminalized) and fauna, are but a few of the things that make the list.

Space is limited so I will just say a word or two about the people.

Individually or en masse we are a great, proud, strong, beautiful, and loving people. Anyone who has had the experience of being at a Boy’s Champs track and field meet, Sumfest music festival, or being on the island during a World Championship or Olympic year, will understand what I mean.

Do you know why is it that wherever in the world they are, hosts of Jamaicans try to make it back home for the Christmas and New Year holidays? Those are some of the times, it seems, that brings out the best in Jamaicans, not only here at home but abroad as well.

Just this morning, 19th Nov, I heard on the news that our very own Alia Atkinson won her second gold medal at the FINA swim meet now on and my heart swelled with pride.

When Tessanne Chin went to America and “mash up” their “The Voice” singing show, my feelings were the same.

While Tessanne has talent it should also be noted that her winning the competition was also due in large part to the support from Jamaicans both here and in the Diaspora who voted like crazy.

When Usain Bolt and Elaine Thompson 'run lef' Schippers and Gatlin… cho, ah cyaan even tell yu.

I have a confession to make. When our athletes are performing overseas I don’t watch them at public venues like on the big screen in Half Way Tree, or in a sports bar where there is a crowd, in fact I try to watch them when I am home alone.

The reason for this is when I see people like the bubbly, diminutive shelly Ann Fraser Price cross the finish line in front and the cheers go up I find myself crying uncontrollably. Then when I hear the Jamaica national anthem being played because of her and she is there all pretty and smiling I begin crying again. I can’t manage to have people seeing this big ole gray back man crying like that in public, lol. I could never live it down.

Just imagine the scenario when the Jamaican women finished 1-2-3 in that 100m final at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and then seeing those three women in the black gold and green all on the podium at the same time with the Jamaica national anthem being played.

Even writing this now it brings tears to my eyes.

Did I mention when the reggae boys qualified for the 1998 World Cup finals, or when they beat Japan? Did you see the crowd at the airport when they got back here? Epic.

Then you have some mad people in the country. They will be at the beach and see someone drowning and you have to hold them back because they themselves can’t swim but they are running out there to save the person.

A car will have crashed and it is the same thing, people flipping over vehicles that had overturned and ripping off doors with their bare hands to rescue those trapped inside. There was even a case I understand when a small plane crashed and the people were there among the flames trying to save the occupants despite the fact that the thing could have exploded at any moment. Oh my God.

These people are not doing these things for money or fame; it is just who we are, selflessly risking life and limb to help one of our own.

I will end with a personal experience I had recently. I was standing outside a financial institution watching a gardener tending some beautiful and expensive plants at the front of the compound when an old lady seeming to be in her eighties came hobbling along. Stopping by the chain link fence, which separated them, she spoke to him. The exact words escape me now but paraphrasing I overheard her saying something to the effect of...

“ Sonny boy you would make an old lady happy if you would give her one of those cuttings to plant in her garden”.

The young man stopped what he was doing, dug up two of the people’s plants, put them in some newspaper, and went around through the gate whereupon he gave them to the old lady. Words cannot begin to express the expression on her face. When she reached for her bag in what appeared to be an attempt to take out some money he held onto her hand and shook his head. I didn’t wait to see any more.

There was nothing I could do but go sit myself down in the car and have a little cry.

I guess my views may be considered biased because Jamaica happens to be my home but how could I not love Jamaica? And I haven’t even touched on the food yet, smh.

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Dec 01, 2017
Love Jamaica
by: Anonymous

Jamaica is the landing of the living. That's my home.There is no place like home. Although I live in the USA. I was in Jamaica in September. I saw most of my school mates. We had a great time together. Then I returned home in October to my eldest Sister home going service. I went to Little Ohio, What a grant time that was.My next trip its to go to Blue Lagoon and St Mary.

Nov 30, 2017
Here Is Why I Love JAMAICA!!!
by: Anonymous

I love Jamaica because.....i was born there, but not only that. Each time i am going home, it's such a great feeling to know that i am going to Jamaica..... I start counting down my days, i cant sleep the night before....i keep dreaming of the food and the beaches.....although i don't like to swim, but just sitting on the beach and enjoy the real Jamaican cooking, just make me feel happy to be there.
Jamaica is such a beautiful Island, it cannot be compare to none other.....call me prejudice....but that is just the way i feel and that will remain with me forever!!!!
Jamaica...My Beautiful Little Paradise Island In The Sun.

Nov 28, 2017
by: Eric

I lived with my Dad and attended KC the best school in the world. Came to England in 1964, aged 14, to be with my Mom. Joined the UK Army at 17 and was very successful.

Became a Youthworker and did this until I retired. I am now a 68 y.o. pensioner

Reason, I've been all over the world met many people seen many strange things had good, good times.THEIR LOVE CANNOT BE REPLACED OR REPLICATED. MY HEART AND SOUL REMAIN IN JAMAICA THE LAND OF MY FATHER - MY PEOPLE - ONE LOVE - ONE HEART - ONE I-NITY

Nov 20, 2017
I love your people too!
by: Heidi

After hearing about Jamaica for nearly all my life I had the pleasure of visiting the island 18 years ago and fell in love with the place.

So much so that I felt the need to have a connection with the place. Long story short I married a Jamaican. Absolutely no regrets!

Nov 20, 2017
I couldnt have said it any better
by: Anonymous

Well said. Agreed 100%.

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