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10 Most Loved Fruits In Jamaica

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fruits in jamaicaDelectable Fruits In Jamaica

By Celina Grant

Mangoes, apples, oranges and guineps oh my! We Jamaicans certainly love our fruits. When the season for a particular fruit kicks in we indulge in them as if we will never see them again! 

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Here now are a few, 10 of Jamaica’s most popular fruits.

1) Star Apple

jamaican starappleJamaican StarApple

The ‘meanest’ fruit on our island is also one of the most delicious. The star apple is one of those elusive celebrity fruits that makes rarely makes an appearance, but when she does, the purple fruit shines just like its name suggests.

2) Mangoes

jamaican weather

Whether ‘John belly full’, green gage, East Indian or stringy, mangoes are by far Jamaica’s most popular fruit.

Mango season coincides with the summer holidays that means that Jamaican children can (and do) raid the various mango trees for the yummy fruit all day every day of the season.

Jamaicans do not eat just one mango in a sitting; we have to have at least three each time, regardless of the size.

Read more on Jamaican mangoes here.

3) Guineps

jamaican_steamed_roast_fishJamaican Guineps

There is rarely a Jamaican alive that says no to guineps.

The small, delicious green fruits are always a hit with both young and old, while it is not recommended that small children eat this fruit, some parents still sneak  their children a  ‘little taste’ once in awhile.

Read more on Jamaican guineps here.

4) JackFruit

Jamaican JackfruitJamaican Jackfruit

The largest tree borne fruit in the world is one of Jamaica’s absolute favourites. The jackfruit, with its hard, green skin and delicious yellow flesh is the ultimate fruit.

Not only can you eat the jackfruit itself, but you can boil the seeds and eat them as well.

The flesh is also the new vegan craze , as persons can cook and eat the flesh as a meat substitute.

5) Bananas

Jamaican Ripe BananaJamaican Ripe Banana

Known as the dependable fruit, the banana is grown all year round. The green banana is often boiled and the yellow (ripe) banana is devoured as is. A ripe banana is also the perfect companion for cereals, bread and many other foods.

6) Plantain

jamaican plantainsJamaican Green Plantains

An esteemed cousin of the banana, who does not like some good old fried plantain in the morning? It is no surprise that this fruit is so popular with Jamaicans as it is as versatile as it is delicious.

7) Plums

Jamaican june plumsJamaican June plums

Whether June plums or the smaller plums, when it is plum season no one can hold us back from devouring dozens at a time ok!

To peel the skin of the fruits, if no knife is readily available, we use our teeth!

These fruits are also ideal to make blended juices, especially with our Sunday dinners (pardon me while I wipe the drool from my lips).

Read more on Jamaican June Plums here.

8) Jamaican Star Fruit

Jamaican StarfruitJamaican Starfruit | Photo: @xaanderdrafting

This fresh juicy fruit, which makes it appearance during the summer, gets its name from the shape it has when cut horizontally. NO ONE can eat one star fruit, I dare you to try.

When they fruit has reached his peak of ripeness and that juice reaches your taste buds, you will not be able to resist.

9) Pineapple

Jamaican pineapplesJamaican pineapples

Ah the pineapple, a classic tropical fruit with its delicious, with crown of leafy green spikes and its thick orange  skin which covers it juicy, delicious yellow flesh.

The pineapple is one of the most versatile fruits on the island and makes juices, jams and jellies, and is even used in our ham recipes at Christmas time.

10) Naseberry

jamaican_naseberryJamaican Naseberries

Another one of our absolute favorites, as you can both the skin of the brown fruits and its brown juicy flesh. The only thing that we cannot eat in the fruit itself are the seeds.

So that's my top 10? Did I get it right? Did I miss any? Which is YOUR favourite?
We'd love to hear :-)

WATCH VIDEO:  mango Time Jamaica

Last year I went on to mango walk! And I made it an entire video. Here is it. Enjoy.

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