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US Currency In Jamaica
Top 23 Visitor Questions, With Answers

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us currency in jamaiaU.S One Dollar Bill

By Wellesley Gayle

Can I use us currency in Jamaica?
How much should I bring to Jamaica?
What should I buy in Jamaica?
How much money should I bring to an all inclusive resort?

... are just a few of the scores of questions I get daily (literally) from aspiring visitors to Jamaica regarding the use of US money in Jamaica

And so, an idea was born!

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I thought it was a cool idea to batch them together and put them here, yep 23 of them, where my readers could find all the answers in one place!

I hope it is quite helpful and insightful to you as well.

You might laugh at a few, but remember, I encourage questions here on my website, and believe also that no question is a foolish question.

23 Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) About US Currency In Jamaica

  1. Is Jamaican currency the same as US?

    Answer: Not at all! The Jamaican currency is officially the Jamaican Dollar (JMD). You can read more about it here.

  2. Is US money worth more in Jamaica?

    Answer: Technically yes. In fact, at the time of this writing, 130 times more! But that changes based on the going exchange rate.

  3. Can you use US money in Jamaica?

    Answer: Absolutely! We have a complete article on that here. It is also recommended as the best foreign currency to take to Jamaica.

  4. How much money should I bring to Jamaica?

    Answer: Well, it depends, we have an entire article here that will advise you accordingly.

  5. What is Jamaican currency rate?

    Answer:  It fluctuates, but you can always find the latest rate at the central bank of Jamaica's website at this link.

  6. Do banks do currency exchange?

    Answer:  Sure! In fact we recommend that you exchange your US currency in Jamaica (as well as all other currencies) either at a local bank or at authorized cambios.

  7. How much is 100 JMD money in US currency?

    Answer:  Right now, it is about 65 US cents ($0.65 USD).
    As we noted before though Jamaica uses a floating exchange rate regime, and so the equivalent value of the us currency in Jamaica for 100 JMD today would be determined by the current exchange rate.

    Feel free to use this currency converter at any time.

  8. How much is a Jamaican $100 bill worth in the US?

    Answer:  We answered this question on the previous question, but in a nutshell, simply divide the 100JMD by the current exchange rate to see how much the Jamaican 100 bill would worth in the US, which at this point, is just cents.

  9. Where to buy Jamaican currency?

    Answer:  We highly recommend the banks or authorized cambios to exchange your US currency in Jamaica, not the airport! More information can be found here.

  10. How much is 1 US in Jamaica?

    Answer:  At September 19, 2023, it is approximately 145 JMD to 1USD.

  11. How much money can you take to Jamaica?

    Answer:  Great question! But also a very personal one.
    In other words, the short answer is that it depends on (for the most part) ...

    a) Where you are staying, eg. BnB vs All inclusive vs Villa
    b) Attractions and activities you plan to enjoy &
    c) Other local events you plan to attend etc.

    We considered all that and created an article with some great tips here, entitled, how much money to bring to Jamaica. Take a quick read.

  12. How much is a $20 Jamaican coin worth in the United States?

    Lol. I am laughing as I respond to you.

    OK, back to my 'business face'. The answer is not much :-(

    Divide the 20JMD by the current exchange rate and you'll see its just US cents, in other words, very little value.

    Remember you can find the current exchange rate at the Bank Of Jamaica's website here.

  13. How much do you tip in Jamaica?

    Answer:  Acceptable tipping in Jamaica ranges from 5% to as much as 20%.

    8% -10% is usually the popular range though. We have an article on that too, you can read it here.

  14. What can 1 dollar buy in Jamaica?

    Answer: Not a lot, but we've created a detailed response here, listing both the items that 1USD can buy in Jamaica as well as what 1 JMD can buy in Jamaica.

  15. How much money should I bring to an all inclusive resort?

    Answer:  The advantage of all inclusive resorts is that you pay one price and get access to all (or most) amenities at the resort, including room, food, drinks and most activities, but yes, you'd still need a little pocket money.

    Clearly you'd not need the amount of money as you would otherwise, but you'd still need some money for incidentals, tips etc, and also for the potential adventures/ activities off property. Read how much to take to Jamaica to get a solid idea.

  16. Does Jamaica use US dollars?

    Answer:  Jamaica uses the Jamaica  Dollar as its official currency, but the US dollar is still widely accepted.

  17. How much is $1000 US in Jamaica?

    Answer:  At today's exchange rate of approximately 147 JMD to 1USD, it would be 147,000 JMD.

    But remember you can always calculate it by simply multiply that amount by the current exchange rate, available here.

  18. Can I use my credit card in Jamaica?

    Answer:  In many cases, yes! Many of the establishments that facilitates tourism or tourist activities allows for that.

    And we encourage that too. But please read what currency is accepted in Jamaica to get additional tips on learn best practices.

  19. How can I carry money to Jamaica?

    Answer:  Interesting question! I'd say no different than how you'd take it to (or around) in any other country. I'd also recommend you get my tips and cautions on travelling around with money in Jamaica.

  20. How much is a loaf of bread in Jamaica?

    Answer:  Which one, hard-dough, bran or wheat bread?
    I'm just kidding. Right now it is approximately 520JMD per loaf, give or take.

  21. Should I exchange money before I travel to Jamaica?

    Answer:  We recommend that, especially if you are not arriving from say the US, which is the most popular foreign currency here.

    So, for example you are arriving from Some European, African or Eastern countries then I'd highly recommend that. Read the 'What if my currency if not US currency' section of this article.

  22. What should I buy in Jamaica?

    Answer:  Oh, there is so much! I'd first suggest you enjoy the must-have foods while you are in Jamaica.

    For souvenirs, the following are most popular take home items...

    1) Blue Mountain Coffee
    2) Jamaican Rum and Sangster's Rum Cream
    3) Jamaican Spices, eg. AllSpice
    4) Artwork & Wood carvings, and of course,
    5) Your Jamaican T-Shirt  :-)

    ... and finally, a related question...

  23. Can I use my Jamaican money in the US? Meaning, money that I took back from Jamaica?

    Answer:  In most cases, no. There are probably just a few exceptions, for example at some Jamaican-owned establishments. Read our answer to that question here.


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