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All Inclusive Jamaican Vacation!

An all inclusive Jamaican vacation is still the most popular for vacationers to our beautiful island.


"All inclusive" simply means you get everything for one price --that's it!

So you really don't need to pay another dollar after you get here to enjoy your trip. Of course, it is always a good idea to have some money for miscellaneous purposes, example tips, excursions, souvenirs etc, you name it.

For one price, you get all the food and amenities you require during your stay. There is always food! Outside of breakfast, lunch and dinner, there is usually a grill or snack counter if you can't wait.

Many of the hotels also offer great activities- all day! I mean that too. They have great activities or game coordinators.They are real fun loving people who ensures that there is never a dull moment. You really can't be bored, unless you want to. We recently just came back from a weekend trip in Negril and boy, we had a ball!!!

Of course, been bored is also a part of a vacation for some of us too, so that is OK as well.

Perhaps one of the great advantage of an all inclusive Jamaican vacation though is the added level of security. Admittedly, there are still some areas of the island that we continue to have crime problems, so without an understanding of the island or without a local guide, it would be safer just to book a Jamaica inclusive vacation package.

You will get most of what you need will be on property and still get the exciting daily excursions- whether for nature tours, shopping, historical tours or other fun stuff. This is usually coordinated by the "guest relations" department or the hotels' "tour desks". Depending on your arrangement, that however may be at an additional cost.


By the way, the term 'all inclusive' is not limited to the food and amenities at the hotels only these days, it may also includes flight to and from the country [Jamaica] as well as ground transportation to and from the hotel.

And just to let you know, most of Jamaica's popular and reputable hotels today are 'all inclusives', yes they are.

From those in Negril and Montego Bay, to those in Ocho Rios and even those in the 'not so popular' areas of the island. Of course, you would guess that these big all inclusive are owned by the larger hotel chains and proprietors.

There are oh so many options to book our vacation these days, one I would highly recommend though is HotelsCombined,

They have a really sleek way for you to compare prices and choose the best one. Here is the link to HotelsCombined on Just select a city and go!

If you already have a hotel in mind, click here and get reviews of it.

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