Where is Jamaica? [you asked?]
Let me help!

I was thinking, why would someone ask where is Jamaica? Everyone should know! But that is unreasonable and a little selfish on my part, wouldn't you say?

Where is Jamaica

The truth is although we are a very popular country, there are still millions across the world who may have only heard the name, if at all.

Almost at the centre of the Caribbean Sea, Jamaica lies 150 kilometres (90 miles) south of Cuba and 160 kilometres (100 miles) west of Haiti, the two nearest countries. It is located between 77° to 79° western geographic longitude and 18° northern geographic latitude.

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The closest point to Jamaica in South America is Cartagena in Colombia, a distance of 710 kilometres (445 miles) almost due south. The latitude and longitude of the capital, Kingston, are about 76°47' West and 18°01' North.

Its indigenous Arawakan-speaking Taíno inhabitants named the island Xaymaca, meaning the "Land of Wood and Water." Formerly a Spanish possession known as Santiago, it later became the British West Indies Crown colony of Jamaica.

It is the third most populous anglophone country in the Americas, after the United States and Canada.

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