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Self praise is no recommendation, that's why I present you these articles about Jamaica - and yes, from independent admirers, vacationers, tour operators and everyone with a critical eye.

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You have heard a lot from me. Yep, I wrote scores of pages here, providing you with 'down to earth', real-life information, stories and even pictures of Jamaica.

But then again I am Jamaican, I live here and may well be a little subjective.

However, great stories are told about Jamaica everyday, so now I am simply putting together some of them so you can get an outsider's view of the land of wood and water.

Please scroll below and follow the links. [I will continue to add]

Again, you will realize that when I said that 'Jamaica is not just about the scintillating beaches and the alluring reggae music' I was certainly not the only one who had that view!

OK, enough of my chatter!

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Articles from other visitors!

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Jamaican Animals - Myths and Legends 
Yes, many Jamaicans do have fear of some animals - some of which you might be shocked to hear about. Jamaican Iguana Many people are afraid of these …

Jamaica's Young Reggae Artistes 
Jamaica has a number of exiting young talented Reggae artistes that providing great hope for the future of our Reggae music . Although it appears that …

Do Jamaican men really have many women? 
I am a white woman from Canada, the majority of my friends are from Jamaica. Several years ago before my first trip to Jamaica, many many of my Jamaican …

The Controversial V-W Super Bowl 2013 Game Day Advertisement 
Recently, Volkswagen (VW) released an advertisement that has sparked much debate about it's use of the Jamaican dialect- both locally and internationally. …

Jamaican Food and Alcoholic Beverages - The Favorites! 
Jamaican foods are like no other, the taste is delectable and will leave you longing for more. Some of the favorite Jamaican foods include Jerk Chicken/Pork, …

The Jamaican Style (Poem) 
The Jamaican Style Our style is a one of a kind. We love to groove inna rubba dub style. When we do these things people smile, Why, cause they feel …

Skin Bleaching In Jamaica - A New Trend 
Now a days we seem to have various types of trends in Jamaica, but today I'm going to look at a specific one that I know some viewers are going to ask …

We are Champions (Jamaica's Athletes)! 
Passing it on in case you did not As of July 8, 2011: Jamaica is the first and only country to have all 100m sprint titles, all ages, …

Information on Jamaica - for Beginners 
Background Jamaica is a beautiful tropical island in the Caribbean discovered by Columbus in 1494, now with a population of just under three million inhabitants. …

Jamaican Bandana - The History Behind It 
Over many years we have come to associate Madras cloth, or bandana as it is more commonly known, with Jamaican festival celebrations. Many may not …

Jamaica Casinos 
When you think of Jamaica, what comes to mind are beautiful white beaches with clear blue waters, palm trees, and nature untouched by humans and/or pollution, …

Jamaica Flag Colors 
The Jamaica Flag Colors ...are Gold, Green and Black. A bipartisan committee of the Jamaica House of Representatives designed the Jamaican Flag …

Jamaican Pear (Avocado) - Love 'em! Not rated yet
I just had a few slices of another delectable Jamaican Pear (foreigners know it as avocado) earlier today, and felt like I needed to share this tasty, …

A Jamaican Child's Summer Not rated yet
Growing up as a active child in a tropical country like Jamaica was a whole a lot of fun for me. Whenever it's summer, I went to the country (rural)to …

Tro-Tro Pow-Pow (Jamaican Poem) Not rated yet
Long ago when mi y’eye deh ah mi knee, mi used to wear short trousers and mi foot sole grounded, mi used to visit mi granny an mi grand pa. When evening …

How To Improve Your Brainpower This Year! Not rated yet
It is a new school year again or for others its a new work year. Either you are in high school or university or go to work and you decide that ‘hey …

Children Need Fathers Too Not rated yet
To every child that is born into this world there are two people who are responsible for that child. 'It is the responsibility of those two people because …

Jamaican Fruits Not rated yet
Jamaica has a wonderful selection of succulent native fruits. Some of these were not originally native to Jamaica but were imported and are now widely …

Jamaican Cuisine & Culinary Delights Not rated yet
Famous Jamaican Cuisines Jamaica, one of the largest islands in the Caribbean, has long been a popular destination for travellers, boasting glorious …

The Marvel in Jamaican Travel Not rated yet
If you want to experience an awe-inspiring, breath-taking paradise, all can be found in Jamaica, the Land of Wood and Water. Jamaica is the fusion of …

HANDS Not rated yet
"HANDS" Ten prongs, knuckles and bones Two palms at the end of arms Ten beds with ten nails Coming together to give a yell Wave bye, bye or hear …

HANDS (Poem) Not rated yet
"HANDS" Ten prongs, knuckles and bones Two palms at the end of arms Ten beds with ten nails Coming together to give a yell Wave bye, bye or hear …

Granny Nanny Of The Maroons - The Real Nanny? Not rated yet
Admin We already provided the official documentary on Nanny but wanted to share this interesting picture and article with you. We tend to depict …

POSITIVISM (Poem) Not rated yet
I need to develop a positive Attitude towards life, I need to Convince myself that: I will get out of life accordingly As I have put into it. I must …

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Weather in Negril Jamaica Not rated yet
Negril also known as the 7 Mile Beach is a popular beach resort to the west of the island. Vacationers to Negril can expect warm weather throughout …

My visit back home to jamaica Not rated yet
I went on a vacation to Jamaica a few years ago. I stayed at an all inclusive hotel in Montego Bay . I kind of felt bad about the people working …

Poem - Seek the Father Above Not rated yet
Seek The Father Above One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, It’s another murder again. The youths are killing each other daily, Soon there’ll …

NightLife in Jamaica  Not rated yet
Nightlife in Jamaica showcases its rich and vibrant native culture and is flavored by the international blend of tourists that flock to this beautiful …

How to Arrange a Trip to Jamaica Not rated yet
Are you interested in traveling to Jamaica? If this is your first time doing so, the process may seem overwhelming. The good news is that it is very easy …

Doctor's Cave, Jamaica Not rated yet
In 1906, an eccentric physician called Dr Alexander McCatty turned his beach property on Montego Bay into a bathing club that he and his friends reached …

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