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Do you have an interesting story (or experience) about Jamaica? Or perhaps looking to visit here soon?

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Since you are on this page then I think I can safely assume you have some interest in Jamaica right? Whether you or your family lives here, you are researching information on Jamaica or looking to vacation here - if not already done.

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11 Year Old Jamaican Girl Gets National Award For Gallantry 
(JIS Article)It is a deed many would have shied away from, but then only 10 years old, Toni-Ann Miller, in a courageous act of selflessness, rushed into …

Chikungunya (Chik-V) In Jamaica 
Over the last few weeks, few issues have been as topical as the mosquito-borne Chikungunya virus in Jamaica. In fact, (and sadly so) it has reached …

Jamaica - I long to be home 
Hey, First off...Wellesley, you do a great job! Readers I tell you, I have such a longing for the day I pack my bags and return to Jamaica for good. …

A Rich Jamaican Coffee Experience  
Last week, I received an interesting message via my 'contact me' link on my website. It was from (yet) another ardent fan of My-Island-Jamaica.com. …

Jamaica's Laws - We need to know them 
It's important to know your rights as a Jamaican.... in fact it's essential for a human to know his/her right as a individual in any country. Since …

Licensed Tattoo Artists In Jamaica 
Click Here to review the list of Jamaican tattoo artists. Click Here to add a tattoo artist to this list (as a comment) Over the last year …

Re: Your Wedding Anniversary At Riu Palace Jamaica 
Congratulations Mr & Mrs Gayle on your wedding anniversary. With this kind of accommodation, I must say it says it all! Happy anniversary, and I wish …

Brazil 2014 -Schedule Of Matches - World Cup Soccer  
We loooove football! (we actually say 'football' not soccer). In my background to football in Jamaica I highlight that. And although Jamaica didn't …

Question On Jamaica's History - 1947-49 
What happened in Jamaica 1947/49 that had a profound impact on the future history of the Caribbean island. Who planned the assassination of Alexander …

Wellesley Gayle Featured In the Jamaica Gleaner 
Yup! Just as the title above says, yours truly was featured in the prestigious Jamaica Gleaner (Western Focus edition) newspaper. I am truly humbled: …

Jamaican Games - The Good Ole' Stuff 
I was ready a little book called Jamaican Games & Riddles that brought back some really wonderful memories. It reminded me of some of our most fun games …

Good Morning Teacher (aka New Scholar) - Jamaican Poem by Louise Bennett 
NEW SCHOLAR By Louise Bennett from Speech Anhology, JCDC 2011. Good mahnin, Teacher — ow is yuh? My name is Sarah Pool. Dis is fi-me li bwoy Michal …

Jamaican Men 
I have been to Jamaica and it is a beautiful island with beautiful people. However I have found Jamaican men to be very deceitful. I was dating a …

My Jamaican Breakfast - Liver with boiled bananas + yams - yummy! 
There are so many topics to write about regarding Jamaica. Since in almost everything, I like to limit my choices to three (3), I will talk about one …

Jamaica's Tessanne Chin Delivers! 
***** Update -Dec 17th - 10:50pm EST! : Tessanne Chin Was Announced The Winner for The Voice - 2013 . Thanks to all those who help us to …

Cell phone roaming charges in Jamaica  
Your article on cell phone rental in Jamaica was a real interesting piece. Not only did it make me more aware of using mobile phones in Jamaica, …

Gays and Lesbians in Jamaica 
I understand that life in Jamaica is extremely dangerous for gay and lesbian people in Jamaica. This is something that is never really publicized and …

Important Dates And Events In Jamaica's History 
I went to a local cyber cafe recently and realized that a number of students were actually looking for this - important (key) events and dates in the history …

Jamaican Ginger 
So you love Jamaican ginger huh? But what do you know about this remarkable spice? You might already know that Ginger is native to Asia, but Did …

Jamaican Breadfruit 
Did you know that breadfruit is considered an almost complete meal? This is because it provides many of the core nutrition including minerals that …

Jamaican Scientists 
This year (2013) , we celebrate the 51st year of independence and a lot of focus was on our athletes and our heroes. It is probably also a good time …

Jamaican Mangoes 
In Jamaica Mango season starts somewhere between April and May and ends in July or August - generally speaking. And by the way, almost all Jamaicans …

Happy New Year 2014 
I want to share my heartful appreciation and gratitude to all my website subscribers, fans and friends for their continued dedication, love and support …

Jamaican Jerk Chicken 
A snapshot of mouth watering Jerk Chicken that was been sold at the Mobay Jerk Festival held on 01 August 2013. Wellesley's Note . Kameka submitted …

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How To Send Free Text Messages To Jamaica 
Here's How to Send Free text messages to Jamaica Every wonder how to send a free text message to a Jamaican mobile number regardless of the provider? …

Jamaican Patois 
If you plan to visit Jamaica, then it would be great for you to learn at least some of the basics of Jamaican Patois. This will make it much easier for …

A Jamaican Connection 
Hi, I recently went to Jamaica and I had such a great experience. I am a female, and I wasn't expecting the men to be so aggressive and wanting of …

Bob Marley, The Man - A Poem by Denise Salmon 
Bob Marley, The Man He wanted love, peace and unity to reign So his people would never be enslaved again And even though murderers tried to kill …

My life in Jamaica 
My new life in Jamaica started in 2007. I sold up, left work and came to Jamaica where I built a home in the beautiful hills of Trelawny. I am originally …

Carlong Publishers Acknowleges My-Island-Jamaica.com 
My-Island-Jamaica.com continues to be recognized by the media and other local institutions with a recent written acknowledgement by Carlong Publishers …

Best Jamaican Folk Songs- The Golden Collection 
I came home tired, decided I am going to take an early one. It was a rough day so I just needed to get some sleep. I was just going to check my emails …

Best Jamaican Folk Songs - A to D of Golden Collection 
Click Here to see the complete list A Weh Yu Ben Deh A weh yu ben deh gal, mek me no get nuh tea A weh yu ben deh gal, mek me no get nuh tea …

Places with 'Pen' names in Jamaica - What with them? How Many Are There? 
QUESTION: How many more places in Jamaica have the word "Pen" included in them? What is its significance in Jamaican place names? Is it something …

How To Apply For Permanent Resident Status In Jamaica 
"How can I get permanent resident status in Jamaica?" Outside of "will I be safe in Jamaica?" question, that is probably the single most popular question …

Memories of Jamaica 
They say first impressions are lasting impressions. The first time I set foot on the beautiful island of Montego Bay , Jamaica I was hooked. …

Girls Trip To Jamaica - They fell in love with Jamaica 
I have been to Jamaica several times with my husband and in-laws! Last year I had the pleasure of planning a girls trip with some of my family to …

The Hunt for Quality Healthcare In Jamaica 
There is peace that radiates from becalmed plaques of Caribbean Sea decorated with happy families bobbing and weaving in its cool waters. That calm is …

Great Jamaican Charity Ideas 
Greetings! I need your feedback. One of my ardent website visitors and passionate fan of Jamaica sent me an email earlier. She is looking to start …

Want to go to Jamaica -should I go? 
QUESTION: I have a friend in Jamaica. He is a really cool guy, and an excellent artist. I have been in the tattoo business my whole life, and am just …

Kaleechi Falls - Untouched Jamaica - How Can I get there? 
QUESTION: Anyone knows how to get to Kaleechi falls ANSWER: by Wellesley Gayle, March 04, 2013 Thanks for your question Ingrid, love it! …

Tapioca Village Resort is truly Jamaican 
Greetings One and ALL, I had a chance to visit Tapioca Village this past June (2014) and was immensely impressed. The welcome was warm and so Jamaican, …

Jamaica Festival Songs - Popular (Winning) Songs Since 1966 
The Jamaica Festival Song, also called the the Popular Song Competition, and before 1990 known as the Independence Festival Song Competition, first took …

Jamaica is home, I would not live anywhere else 
Looks good so far, some positive, some negative, some either way..I am a Jamaican, been living here all my life except for a sojourn to school in my youth. …

Jamaican Athletes - The Poem 
by Denise Salmon ...In appreciation of Jamaica's performance at the 2013 Athletics World Championship in Moscow. 2013 World Champions Top Athletes, …

Jamaican Place Names with the word 'Crawle" attached 
In 1692 an earthquake and tidal wave destroyed about two-thirds of Port Royal, (which at the time was an island off the coast of Jamaica). Those whose …

Health Benefits Of Sorrel Drink 
In Jamaica sorrel is consumed as a drink mainly at Christmas time . It is usually boiled with ginger and then left to cool before it is strained and …

A Wealth of Jamaica information Not rated yet
I must say I came across this website last year and I am very impress with the wealth of information that is here. Keep up the good work. Editor's …

Hurricane Gilbert In Jamaica 1988 - Memories & Facts Not rated yet
I was listening to our RJR this morning, on of the local radio stations in Jamaica and was reminded of the calamity brought on the island by the infamous …

Jamaica - Something Nice! Not rated yet
What a country! What a people! So, you can get marry in beautiful, Old Hospital Park, "park of love" with sea beside two of you and your guests, if you …

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Jamaican Last Names Not rated yet
Editor's Note In reference to the Jamaican last names page. Glad to see that my maternal grandmother's maiden name (Anderson) is so popular. …

I Need Your Help Not rated yet
I have just posted perhaps the most memorable article to date in all my writing experience although not on this my website. - other stuff has also

Jamaican Breadfruit Pudding Not rated yet
It was harvest time at church! And as customary, the members were divided into groups (Matthew, Mark, Luke & John) to add more excitement and creativity …

Classmates from Calabar all age school in Kingston Jamaica on Sutton Road Not rated yet
Hi my name is Yvonne Clarke I am looking for classmates from Calabar all age school in Kingston Jamaica on Sutton Road our street downtown Kingston Jamaica. …

Blue Hole Attraction in St Mary Jamaica Not rated yet
Good day everyone: This is Cheryl from St Andrew and just this morning at work, I heard about this fascinating place that has truly captured my interest …

Appreciate Jamaica Not rated yet
The best thing is to set apart the positive from the negative. I love my little Island Jamaica so much so that if am away from it for more than a few months …

Jamaica Earthquake Preparedness Tips Not rated yet
January 12, 2014 marked the 4th anniversary of the massive 7.0 magnitude earthquake that devastated Haiti - our sister Caribbean island. It reportedly …

Start Your Business -The Simple (SBI) Way Not rated yet
Wellesley here from my-island-jamaica.com . I hope you are having a fabulous day? OK, to the meat of the matter... You found this page because …

The My Top Tier Business Opportunity Not rated yet
Introducing the lucrative 'My Top Tier Business' in 90 seconds ! Wellesley Gayle here again, passionate Jamaican, and founder of www.my-island-jamaica.com …

Port Royal Jamaica - Then And Now Not rated yet
Located at the mouth of the Kingston Harbor in southeastern Jamaica, Port Royal, once known as the "the wickedest and most sinful city in the world", was …

History Of Reggae Music Not rated yet
Reggae Music was born after Mento, R&B, and Ska music became less popular in the 1960's. The change from Rock Steady to Reggae was pioneered by Jamaican …

Jamaica Photo Contest - The Top 10 Not rated yet
We had a gripping contest - All of 79 adorable photo contest entries were received! But then we had to narrow it down to the Top 10 top 15. …

Not Even a Jamaican Postcard Not rated yet
You may look on this picture and think...wow, that can not be a real picture. Photoshop, postcard, commercial, r maybe even a scene from a movie. …

Butterflies of Jamaica Not rated yet
This photo was taken one morning in the first week of August 2013. Got out for my regular garden walk and observed the lone butterfly drinking from …

Jamaican Salted Herring Recipe Not rated yet
While looking for recipes for salted herring and Solomon A Gundy showed up from this website. I actually bought package of smoked, salted herring …

Jamaican Athletes - The Great Men and Women In The Sprints Not rated yet
Jamaican athletes are admired the world over and quite rightly so since we have been dominating the world stage in the sprint events, seconded only by …

Independence In Jamaica - Events & Activities Not rated yet
Even though The British took over Jamaica in 1655, after they won a battle with the Spanish and slavery was abolished in 1834, it is said that the planters …

Photo Contest Sponsors
We say 'Thank You'
 Not rated yet
"It takes cash to care" You are probably familiar with this saying right? Of course! Well, in our case, it is sponsorship that makes the difference; …

Jamaica's Coffee - Here's The Secret To It's Rich Flavour? Not rated yet
There are many factors accounting for the unique flavour of Jamaican coffee. One of the main one though is the aromatic coffee beans used here. They …

Jamaica's Rum Not rated yet
Jamaica's Rum is said to be the best in the world. It is certainly the more 'spirited' part of Jamaica's history :-) Rum is made from spirits obtained …

2012 Vacation in Negril Not rated yet
A picture of a beautiful sunset from our balcony at Beaches Resort. Our vacation was the most amazing from the wonderful people we met to the delicious …

Brother Anansi - Tales and Stories  Not rated yet
Anancy the famous spider has been known in Jamaica for a long time. Back in the days when there was no television, parents and grandparents would tell …

Reggae Sumfest 2013 Promises To Be Big Not rated yet
Reggae Sumfest, dubbed the greatest Reggae Festival on earth, will be held at the Catherine Hall Entertainment Center in Montego Bay Jamaica in July …

Wah Sweet Nanny Goat Run Belly - Jamaican Poem Not rated yet
Wah Sweet Nanny Goat Ago Run Belly A poem by Denise Salmon (July 2013) These words would shine a light ahead for young people When the older …

Chukka Caribbean Adventures Not rated yet
Chukka Caribbean Adventures Poem by Denise Salmon. Leave all your cares behind Come and relax and unwind Chukka Caribbean Adventures are really …

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My Birthday In Jamaica - Soon Come! Not rated yet
Myself and my daughter will be returning home in November 2013 for my birthday....I so cannot wait....We last visited in Dec 2011, way too long a gap. …

Supporting Padmore Primary School- St. Andrew, Jamaica Not rated yet
When I read the story of the wheelchair bound teacher at Padmore Primary School in rural St. Andrew, my heart went out to her unselfish act of courage …

Lovely Jamaica- I miss Jamaica every day Not rated yet
I just came upon your site and have enjoyed it very much! Sadly I left Jamaica with my parents in 1978 to start a new life in Texas. Both sets …

Towns in Jamaica - Places In Jamaica with the the word 'town' in it. Not rated yet
As a follow up to our fun list places in Jamaica with PEN names , I now present you all the TOWNS in Jamaica :-) Meaning, all the place names …

Rose Hall Roast Festival Set For Labour Day Not rated yet
(Western Mirror) It promises to be a wholesome fairly experience come tomorrow, Labour Day, Thursday, May 23 at the third annual Margaritaville Rose Hall …

Best Jamaican Folk Songs - S to Z of Golden Collection Not rated yet
Click Here to see the complete list Shine y'eye gyal Ah shine y'eye gyal is a trouble to a man (repeat *2) an she want an she want an she want …

Best Jamaican Folk Songs - M to R of Golden Collection Not rated yet
Click Here to see the complete list Mango Time Me no drink cawfee tea, mango time Care how nice it maybe, mango time At de height of de mango …

Best Jamaican Folk Songs - E to L of Golden Collection Not rated yet
Click Here to see the complete list Evening Time Come Miss Claire Tek de bankra off yu head mi dear, Evening breeze a blow, Come dis way Miss …

Miss St. James Festival Queen Crowns This Sunday Not rated yet
The 2013 Miss St. James Festival Queen coronation show will be held on Sunday, May 19th 2013 at the Montego Bay Convention Center here in Montego Bay, …

Westmoreland Curry Festival 2013 Not rated yet
Westmoreland Curry Festival, the highly anticipated annual event in Westmoreland, is now in its 13th staging and will be held on Sunday 28th April 2013 …

Jamaican Exotic Dancers - The Ladies, The Life & The Love Not rated yet
Exotic or erotic dancing is movement of the upper and lower body to a rhythm that excites the onlookers and evokes sexual overtures from them. Like …

Jamaica Nude Beaches & Resorts Directory suggestion Not rated yet
Hey there! I read the article with much interest. http://www.my-island-jamaica.com/negril_clothing_optional.html Finding any nudist venue in Jamaica …

Beaches Negril Resort & Spa Cops Top Travel Award Not rated yet
Beaches Negril Resort and Spa has one again, boosted the Caribbean's image as an ideal family vacation destination, being the only resort in the region …

Shaggy - You Are My Hero! Not rated yet
Semper Fidelis- always faithful/ always loyal. Hello Shaggy! My name is Jason Lowe. I live in Glendale Arizona and was originally from Ohio. I moved …

DaPaul joins Pledge Music to launch his album 'Soulful Spirit' Not rated yet
DaPaul is a songwriter, a storyteller, a listener, and a conscious life observer and introspective musical visionary. He is in touch not only with …

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    Oct 20, 14 11:47 PM

    Jamaica parishes. An overview of the 14 parishes in Jamaica, including their capitals, places of interest, landmark attractions and population

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  3. 11 Year Old Jamaican Girl Gets National Award For Gallantry

    Oct 20, 14 02:14 PM

    (JIS Article)It is a deed many would have shied away from, but then only 10 years old, Toni-Ann Miller, in a courageous act of selflessness, rushed into

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