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60 Jamaican Foods
Our Favourite Dishes On The Island

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by Venesha Johnson | Associate Writer

Besides Jerk chicken and Escoveitched Fish, what other Jamaican foods do you know? How many can you recall from the top of your head?

Let me help you out! Here are 60 Jamaican foods.

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Watch Video! Jamaican Foods | Escoveitched Fish At Border

  1. Jerk Chicken - Let’s get this one out of the way. Jerk Chicken wins for “most popular dish”, in my opinion. It is one of the main dishes that placed jamaica on the international map. The chicken is seasoned with the infamous Jamaican jerk seasoning and grilled using either the traditional method over pimento branches or the more popular street food way in a jerk pan.

  2. Steamed Fish - There is nothing quite like a big juicy steamed snapper or doctor fish. Steamed fish is normally cooked with carrots, pumpkin, Irish potato and okra.

  3. Escoveitch Fish - fish fried and soaked with escovitch sauce (carrot, onions, pimento, vinegar, thyme).

  4. Curried Conch - finely cut and curried sea snail. It is definitely a favourite amongst seafood lovers.

  5. Curried Chicken - one of the island's most common dishes despite originating in India.

  6. Curried Goat - this flavourful and, most times, spicy dish is a must-have at many Jamaican events, special occasions and celebrations.

  7. Fried Chicken - Fried chicken is an international dish, whether it is made at home or bought at a cookshop, KFC or Popeyes, fried chicken is had in large portions every day in Jamaica.

  8. Brown Stew Chicken - sweet, spicy, hearty and with lots of sauce. It is usually had at breakfast, lunch or dinner.

  9. Brown Stew Pork - is prepared similarly and with all the ingredients used to make other brown stew dishes, the main difference is the amount of time it takes to prepare, and of course, the flavour is different because of the pork.

  10. Stew Beef - here is an excellent recipe for stew beef. This is the most common way to eat beef in Jamaica.

  11. Curried Beef - is often used as a substitute for the more expensive curried goat.

  12. Stew Peas - a hearty stew made with kidney beans and usually has at least 2 or 3 proteins as well such as pigtails, corned beef, and chicken foot.

  13. Brown Stew Fish - this is fish that has been fried and cooked down in a flavourful sauce.

  14. Bammy - some would describe bammy as the Jamaican flatbread. It is gluten-free and made from cassava. It is normally had with fried fish.

  15. Grilled Fish - wrapped seasoned and stuffed with vegetables such as callaloo and okra and even a few water crackers, wrapped in foil and placed on an open fire grill. This fish is a delicious option for those who are health conscious.

  16. Fried Dumplings - the perfect side for almost every breakfast, especially ackee and saltfish. Here is a recipe you must try.

  17. Boiled Dumplings - are simply flour, made into a dough, rolled into an almost ball-like shape and boiled. It is one of the most popular sides to any Jamaican dish.

  18. Festivals - these are quite similar to fried dumplings, with the addition of milk and cornmeal and sometimes a few spices as well.

  19. Pepper Steak - this is beef cut into thin strips, cooked with traditional Jamaican seasonings and a whole lot of scotch bonnet pepper. Best had with a steaming plate of rice.

  20. Peppered Shrimp - this is one of the spiciest Jamaican dishes. If you are sure you can handle the heat, here is a great recipe.

  21. Saltfish Fritters - also known as stamp and go, are traditionally had at breakfast but are often found on the appetizer menu at most restaurants.

  22. Banana Fritters - don’t throw out those over-ripe bananas. This is the perfect way to make use of them in this tasty sweet and nutritious treat.

  23. Rice and Peas - are the go-to side for almost every Jamaican dish. You haven't eaten Jamaican if you haven't tried rice and peas.

  24. Gungo Rice and Peas - are typically had during the Christmas season as a replacement for the everyday rice and peas.

  25. Pumpkin Rice - is the perfect way to add some flavour and nutritional value to your plain rice. All you need is your rice, some cubes of pumpkin and coconut milk.

  26. Callaloo Rice - is another great way to add to your plain rice. Some may even consider it healthier than pumpkin rice.

  27. Coconut Rice - by now you can tell Jamaicans aren't the biggest fan of plain rice. Adding some coconut milk will surely make a world of difference.

  28. Jerk Pork - Almost as popular as jerk chicken. The method is similar as well, with the main difference being that the pork is braised before being placed on the grill.

  29. Ital Stew - the Rastaman’s stew. Filled with vegetables, coconut milk, beans and peas. This is a dish that tastes much better than it looks.

  30. Ackee and Saltfish - the island's national dish. You will find this on the breakfast menu of most restaurants.

  31. Roast Breadfruit - All it takes is to make an X at the bottom of the breadfruit, place it on the fire and allow it to roast until all sides are black and the breadfruit becomes light.

  32. Fried Breadfruit - We took roast breadfruit a step further. After roasting your breadfruit, slicing it up after it has gotten cold and frying it can be quite a treat.

  33. Steamed Callaloo - This dish can be just callaloo on its own or, a healthy mix of vegetables, carrots and bok choy being the usual suspects. You can make it your own with optional ingredients like coconut milk and saltfish.

  34. Fried Plantains (Ripe/Pressed) - I’m pretty sure you are familiar with fried ripe plantains. But if you are like me and can’t always wait until they are ripe, pressed plantains is the answer. This is plantains fried in chunks halfway then pressed flat and fried again.

  35. Franks and Beans - another great option for breakfast. It is simply sauteed frankfurters with baked beans. It is usually had with fried dumplings for breakfast.

  36. Pumpkin Soup - consists of pumpkin and other root vegetables, made with various meat options such as chicken, beef or pork.

  37. Red Peas Soup - made with red kidney beans and other vegetables and meats.

  38. Tripe and Bean - tripe is the stomach lining of a cow, it is usually curried or brown stewed with broad beans.

  39. Goat Belly Soup/Mannish Water - traditional soup made of goat head and intestines, served predominantly at dead yards and funerals.

  40. Pepper Pot Soup - spicy soup made of mainly callaloo and scotch bonnet peppers.

  41. Chicken Foot Soup - made using the feet of the chicken. Toenails removed of course.

  42. Conch Soup - A flavorful soup, packed with conch, potatoes, corn, carrots, and dumplings.

  43. Sip/Ital Soup - the Rastaman’s meatless soup

  44. Fish Tea - unlike other Jamaican soups, fish tea has a thin broth-like consistency. It is usually made using meaty fish.

  45. Mackerel Run Down - Salted mackerel fish cooked down in coconut custard.

  46. Steamed Cabbage and Saltfish - shredded cabbage sauteed with “picked up” saltfish, onion, pepper, scallion and thyme.

  47. Beef patty - the most common and inexpensive patty option.

  48. Homestyle chicken - chicken that is fried and then simmered in a spicy sauce made of herbs and ketchup.

  49. Homestyle Fish - fried fish that is then cooked down in herbs, spices and ketchup.

  50. Cornmeal Porridge - made of cornmeal, mixed with powdered or condensed milk, sometimes coconut milk, cinnamon, vanilla and nutmeg.

  51. Banana Porridge - made of grated or blended green bananas, mixed with powdered or condensed milk, sometimes coconut milk, cinnamon, vanilla and nutmeg.

  52. Plantain Porridge - made of grated or blended green plantains, mixed with powdered or condensed milk, sometimes coconut milk, cinnamon, vanilla and nutmeg.

  53. Hominy (Corn) Porridge - sweet, chewy and creamy porridge made of hominy kernels.

  54. Rice Porridge - a simple dish made of rice, water, milk and sugar. The rice is boiled until it forms an almost creamy texture.

  55. Curried Chicken Back - Chicken back is usually cut into tiny pieces and prepared as though one was cooking any traditional curry meal.

  56. Curried Crab - is very popular street food. But if you would like to make it from home, here is a recipe you can try.

  57. Brown Stew Chicken Back - Again, the back of the chicken is put to use. After the quarters have been removed, the back and neck are cleaned seasoned and prepared similarly to the traditional brown stew method.

  58. Mackerel - The tinned fish in tomato sauce is sauteed with onions, pepper and tomatoes and had with rice or dumplings.

  59. Bully Beef and Corn - this is what we call corned beef here. It is canned, grounded and precooked beef. It is often sauteed with onion, garlic, and sweet corn. It goes smashingly with white rice.

  60. Oxtail Stew - To finish on a high, the popular Jamaican Oxtail. The tail of a cow is cut into small pieces and prepared using traditional brown stew methods. (You can also try the instant pot method for some delicious results in half the time!)

Watch Video! Jamaican Foods | Peppered Shrimp At Middle Quarters

Whew! That was a lot, and there are so many others too! Did your favourite make the list, or are you more into snacks and desserts?

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Jamaican Foods | Written: July 27th, 2022

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