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What Is The Safest Place In Jamaica?

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romantic_horseback_riding_in_jamaica_dan_and_samanthaWhat Is The Safest Place In Jamaica?

by Sheree-Anita Shearer | Associate Writer

Knowing you are safe on vacation is a huge part of enjoying your time. A well-known topic among travellers is that Jamaica is not the safest place in the world. While the country has its issues with crime, it really is concentrated in a few areas.

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But I do understand, especially when you are travelling with your family you want it to be as safe as possible. So, where is safe in Jamaica? Here is a list of the least probable places for unfortunate criminal activity.


Port_antonio_town.jpgPort Antonio, Portland

Portland is one of the safest parishes to be in, in Jamaica. And it does help that there are so many exciting attractions to visit there as well. A vacation in Portland is bound to be one filled with delicious food and exciting excursions.

Where to stay: Accommodation in Portland, Eco Resorts In Portland, Villas in Portland, Airbnbs in Portland

What to eat: Restaurants in Portland

Where to go: Historical Sites in Portland, Beaches in Portland

Mandeville, Manchester


Manchester isn’t the home of many tourist attractions and is usually frequented by returning residents or tourists who have been to Jamaica quite a few times and know their way around. Although the town itself isn’t abuzz with activity, it is relatively close to a few cool spots on the south coast.

It is also only 2 hours away from Kingston, so you can head into the city and back easily should you need to.

Manchester is the chosen settlement for returning residents because it has very little crime and the weather is a little cooler due to its hilly location.

Where to stay: Hotels in Mandeville, Airbnbs in Mandeville, Villas in Mandeville

Where to eat: Restaurants in Mandeville

St. Andrew

strawberry_hill_jamaica.PNGStrawberry Hill Hotel

The parish neighbouring our capital does not experience the amount of violence that Kingston does. Often, for persons on the east coast, an escape into the mountains in St. Andrew is the perfect weekend getaway. There are small villas and cabins for accommodation and some very unique restaurants as well.

Where to stay: Strawberry Hill Hotel

Where to eat: Café Blue - Irish Town

Treasure Beach

ys_falls_sandalsYs Falls | (Photo:

The farming community in St. Elizabeth is much loved by tourists for its laid-back atmosphere and unspoilt charms.

Your biggest concern of the day will be to catch the fisherman as he makes his way across the beach to ensure your lunch or dinner is made from the most freshly caught fish at your villa. Or you might be heading to Lover’s Leap to catch the sunset, either way, this is one of the safest places to be in Jamaica.

Where to stay: Villas in Treasure Beach, Guest Houses in Treasure Beach

Where to eat: Little Ochi, Jack Sprat, Deer's, Frenchman's Bay, Nola's

What to do: Lover's Leap, Black River Safari, Appleton Rum Tour, Ys Falls, Pelican Bar


sandals_whitehouse_jamaica_sunsetSunset In Whitehouse

This small fishing town is perfect if you would love to have an extended stay in a more rural part of Jamaica but not be too far gone from the major towns. Whitehouse is semi-developed and has many villas, Airbnbs and a single hotel (Sandals South Coast) to provide accommodation. The restaurants are authentically Jamaican and serve some of the best seafood.

Where to stay: Sandals South Coast, Ivy's Cove, Luna Sea Inn

What to eat: ZBar and Grill

Where to go: Things to Do in Westmoreland


seven_mile_beach_negril_tripadvisorSeven Mile Beach

I am sure you are familiar with this one. There isn’t much I can say to you about Negril that you don’t already know. Enjoy the beach, food and disarming sunsets that Negril provides. The chances of crime in Negril are slim to none.

But you are advised to avoid walking lonely roads at night to avoid the off chance of you getting hurt. However, this is mainly issued for lonely, narrow roads that are poorly lit as you may get hit by a vehicle due to low visibility.

Where to stay: Hotels in Negril, Cheap Hotels, Family Hotels, Adults Only Hotels, Clothing Optional Hotels, Villas in Negril, Airbnbs in Negril, Luxury

What to eat: Restaurants in Negril, Breakfast in Negril, Best Seafood in Negril, Margaritaville

Where to go: Attractions in Negril, Blue Hole Negril, Rick Café


Watch Video! LIVE Hampden Rum Tour

Falmouth being the home of the largest cruise port in Jamaica sees its fair share of visitors each week. For those visiting Falmouth, you are more at risk of pickpockets than getting physically harmed. Limit your valuables as you take the Falmouth Food tour and only bring what is necessary.

Where to stay: Hotels in Falmouth

What to eat: Restaurants in Falmouth

Where to go: Hampden Rum Tour, Falmouth Food Tour, Luminous Lagoon, Chukka

Ocho Rios

mystic_mountain_ocho_rios_jamaicaMystic Mountain Ocho Rios

Ocho Rios is probably the safest “city-like” tourist destination in Jamaica. You have many of the adventures Montego Bay provides and then some as Ocho Rios is known for its thrilling adventures.

Where to stay: Hotels, All Inclusive, Adults Only, Villas, Airbnb

What to eat: Restaurants in Ocho Rios

Where to go: Attractions in Ocho Rios, Chukka, Yaaman Adventure Park, Konoko Falls and Park

North Coast

rio_nuevo_village_st.maryRio Nuevo Village, St. Mary

Runaway Bay, Discovery Bay in St. Ann and Port Maria in St. Mary

All three of these towns provide similar experiences. They are on the picturesque northern coast of Jamaica and are known to have stunning sea views from all angles.

While they aren’t jampacked with exciting excursions at every turn, it is a great way to experience a more relaxed side of Jamaica while still having relatively easy access to more vibrant towns such as Ocho Rios.

This are also has many historically significant buildings, sites and monuments such as the battle site for the war between the British and Spanish.

Where to stay: Hotels in Runaway Bay

What to eat: Restaurants in St. Mary

Where to go: Attractions in St. Mary, Discovery BayRunaway Bay

Montego Bay Proper

doctors_cave_beach_montego_bayDoctor's Cave Beach

Hip Strip, Rose Hall, Ironshore, Freeport

When people hear Montego Bay they almost immediately think their safety is compromised. But while you will have to look out for pickpockets and swindlers in some parts of Montego Bay proper, you will be relatively safe in the “touristy areas”.

The more unsavoury bits are pretty difficult to bump into even if you get lost. That being said, however, always be mindful of the directions you are taking especially if you are transporting yourself.

Where to stay: Family, Adults Only, Budget, Luxury

What to eat: Vegan Restaurants, Cafés, Restaurants in Montego Bay, Scotchie's, Chill Out Hut

Where to go: Attractions Montego Bay

So you see? There are many parts of Jamaica to visit, without being worried too much about getting hurt. Still, be mindful of your surroundings though and exercise the same caution as you would any other new area you visit.

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